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Selling yourself is painful and failure can destroy your self-esteem so don't do it. Instead take this workshop from Better Work world and learn how to be successful without selling yourself. Participants learn how to be: 1) Effectively curious so as to learn things that will help them find work, and 2) Effectively generous so as to give the things that are most likely to return a reward (without being bitter if it doesn't). Workshop participants break into groups to learn from each other and help each other find work. Employers and recruiters are encouraged to join the process so as to see how candidates interact. Job seekers can pay to attend, be sponsored by someone, or attend for free by helping out. Employers and recruiters can pay to attend and they can sponsor their top candidates so as to identify who has good interaction skills and as a way of helping the people they do not hire. Because everyone is either paying something or working hard to attend you know it will be worthwhile.


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Why are 4 of every 5people unhappy?Because they are in the wrong job(or they are unemployed)

So, why arent they in the right job?

People are in the wrong jobs because the job market is broken. It rewards people for being able to sell themselves into a job.And it ignores the people who can do the job but cannot sell themselves.

Some people are good at getting a joband they are good at doing it too.Employers know these are NOT THE BEST EMPLOYEES because the LAST THING THEY NEED is for you to be GOOD AT GETTING A JOB.

But some people are good at getting a joband bad at doing it.These people make for TERRIBLE EMPLOYEES.They use up resources, take up space, and demoralize an organization.

Some people are bad at getting a joband bad at doing it.LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGHEmployers do not want to hire these people.It can be depressing to feel unneededBUT EVERYONE IS GOOD AT SOMETHING.

And some people are good at some jobsbut are bad at getting them. LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGHIf you find it hard to get a job you are good at then you might end up IN A JOB YOU HATE,or worse yet, you might be UNEMPLOYED.

Being bad at getting a jobdoes not mean you need to learn to sell.LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGHSelling yourself is a BAD IDEA because: 1) Rejection can be demoralizing, 2) Employers do not need you to be good at selling yourself, 3) You might land a job you are bad at.

It is best to figure out what you are good at and get better at it.LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGHAfter you figure out how to be good at something you like doing that other people need donethen you can let employers come to you.

Problem:How do we get people to stop trying to sell each other and concentrate onwhat really matters?

Solution:We bring job seekers, employers,and recruiters together at ourSuccess Without Selling Yourself Workshopand work on what really matters.

The Workshop has two parts:Care about people and they will care back.Help others find work and they will help you too. Practice

Participants form small groups and learn skills as they help each other find work.

Hiring managers and recruiters are invited to observe attendees in action.


You will learn why it is not in your best interest to master selling yourself, why employers dont want you to, and what you can do instead in order to land the best job for you that will keep you engaged and happy.

At the Workshopyou will learn the secrets of:It doesnt work if it isnt EFFECTIVE.Effective GenerosityHelping others without bitterness if you dont get anything in return.Effective Curiosity Acquiring skills that others might pay you for.Effective Integrity Reliably doing the right things for the right reasons.Effective AccountabilityFinding people who will keep you to your word.

Typical Workshop ScheduleIf nothing changes then it doesnt count.NOTE: There will always be at least one recruiter in attendance. Additional recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals might join you, and they might reveal themselves or act just like any other attendee.8:30 Registration9:00 No selling allowed. Why you dont want to sell yourself and why employers dont want you to either.What you can do instead.10:30 Break and Networking.11:00 Lifelong Employability. Why networking doesnt work. Finding work even when nobody wants you. Getting others to be effective in helping you.12:30 Lunchtime discussion.1:30 Small Group Formation.2:00 Goal setting. What does each group member want?3:00 Helping. What does each group member have to offer.3:00 Action Planning.4:00 Community Creation. Who can help you and how.5:00 End of day.

Follow-up: You will continue to receive suggestions and assignments for 5 weeks afterwards.

Workshop Graduates are attractivebecause employers know a secret.If someone is good at selling themselves it can be hard to tell if they are good at doing the job.LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGH

If someone is bad at selling themselves they can behard to find and it is hard to identify aptitudeif they have been unemployed or in the wrong job.LOW Ability to GET a job HIGHLOW Ability to DO a job HIGHWorkshop Graduates are attractivebecause employers know a secret.

Competent employees who are good at selling can easily find work elsewhere andare often targeted by recruiters.Workshop Graduates are attractivebecause employers know a secret.

Engaged workers are much more productiveif they concentrate on doing a better jobrather than getting their next job.Workshop Graduates are attractiveif they are ENGAGED.

If employers want to have a good labor pool in the future they must ask themselves, What do we owe the people we do not hire?Build community with potential employees.

Employers and recruiters can determine who is a best fit while helping the people they do not hire.Observe job seekers learn.

Employers and recruiters are welcome to attend the workshop and observe job seekers interact and learn. Employers and Recruiters are welcome to attend and hire people at the Workshop.

Attend the Workshopif you dislike your work.Dont get stuck: If employers dont have a way of knowing what you are capable of they might only consider youfor jobs like the one you are currently doing.Life is too short to spend it beating your head against a job you dont like.

You will learn how to find work with an employer who will be impressed with your attitude and aptitude, and who will express gratitude for a job well done.

Attend the Workshopif you are unemployed.The solution is simple: Connect with people through the Workshop and do something for them. You will feel like you are of use because you are.If you are unemployed for too long you might start to:

Feel like you are of no use to anyone.

Get out of the habit of working.

Fall behind your peers.

Disconnect with people who work.

Attend the Workshop by paying,getting sponsored, or by volunteering.He paid to attend.Someone else paid for him.She helped produce the workshop.If someone pays for you or you volunteer to help then you are accountable to others.

Employers and Recruiterscan sponsor their best job candidates.He paid to attend.And he paid for his best candidates to attend too.Bring your best candidatessee how they interact with others.And the ones you do not hire will thank you for your generosity.Hiring ManagerJob Candidates

Friends and Loved Onescan sponsor you.He did not goDont just give advice, give EFFECTIVE HELP.The Workshop is an excellent giftfor STUDENTS and UNEMPLOYED FRIENDS.FatherDaughterFriendbut he paid for themMotherSonThey went together

Let us design aCustom Workshop just for you.Success (Without Selling Yourself) wasfirst developed as a hiring process. Read about it at:How to Hire Good People Instead of Nice PeopleGo to: your hiring to us.

We can run the workshop off-site and only refer the best candidates to you.

Or we can run it on-site and include your employees so they can see the candidates interact.

Who Are We?Brooke Allen started Better Work World after more than four decades as a programmer, trader, and hiring manager. He developed a unique way of hiring that involved many of the principles incorporated into this workshop. He has written extensively about work for Science Magazine and Quartz.You can find Brooke at: BrookeAllen.comNoah Goldman met Brooke Allen in April 2014, and they hit it off immediately when Noah started telling Brooke everything he was doing wrong in presenting his ideas. You see, Noah is a business development and marketing expertwith long experience as a consultant and entrepreneur. You can find him at:

ACT NOWGo to:BetterWorkWorld.comand sign up for the nextSecrets of Success (Without Selling Yourself)Workshop