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Stand out from the crowd by learning how to sell yourself in an interview.


Selling Yourself in an Interview

Selling Yourself in an InterviewSelling Skills for Todays Job Seeker 2009 Kelley Robertson ~

Dozens of people are lining up for the same position

which means

You need to stand out from the crowd

It starts with your mental mindset

You have a choice

You have a choice empty

You have a choice empty full

You have a choice empty fullThis is a victim mentality

You have a choice empty fullThis is a victim mentalityThis is a winners outlook

Its challenging butit is critical to maintain a winners attitude

What are you doing to maintain a winners attitude?

The interviewing process usually starts with ascreening call

If they call without prior notice

ask for an alternate time

ask for an alternate timeso you can prepare for the conversation

Have key points readily available for reference

Eliminate distractions and background noises including

children or other family members


& technology

Be ready forTell me about yourself.

Use that question to share a success story

Interview Day

Be on time - no excuses!

Look sharp!

Forget business casual, dress one level higher than required

Research the company before the interview

Research the company before the interviewCultureStrategic initiativesPress releasesCompetitionMarket shareNew products

Be ready to ask high-level, strategic questions

early in the interview

Reference your pre-interview

Explain your fit by showing how you can solve problems

Explain how you can help the company achieve ROI(Return On Investment)

ROI includes:ProfitSalesMarginTime to marketMarket shareCustomer loyaltyProductivity

When the interview is finished

Ask for the next steps

Ask for the next stepsGet permission to contact them

Send a handwritten card or note

Send a handwritten card or noteAvoid email! Executives get too much already

Keep in touchSend useful articlesUse snail mail

Evaluate the interview

What did I do well?

What did I do well?What did I miss or forget?

What did I do well?What did I miss or forget?What will I do differently next time?

Most importantly

Kelley Robertson ~ Fearless Get practical sales advice atwww.Fearless-Selling.caIf you enjoyed this presentation please add your comment and mention it to your network on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.