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Security Conceptions. • Functionality. • Security. • Quality. • Performance. Functionality. Security. Quality. Performance. • Recording by functional use of special software. • Security by quality products. • Performance by standardized concept. Security. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Security Conceptions Security Functionality Quality Performance

  • Security

  • Emergencycall and service centercontrolling stationAs a whole unit for all areas of controllingAlarm and functions are all automatedFull bigscreen for survey viewMonitoring modules from Laptop to openplan-office available

  • Characteristic of functionSatelliteCentral control stationCamerasystemObjects

  • The whole unit cross section of mastCross section mast modular technique

  • Positions of camerasDescription of function

    Stationary cameraSwivelling cameraAutomatic alert when entering the security area

  • CamerasystemCoolingCameraLuciteCross section mast- 360 rotation- Hidden system- Cooling system

  • Requirement

  • Videomonitoring of carsModul 1

  • Videomonitoring of carsModul 1

  • Recording of driving routes in the central control stationModul 2

  • Locating of cars and attack report via GPS

  • Identification of licence platesALARM

  • Controlling by cameras in case of pursuit

  • Truck scanning provisional positions

  • Truck scanning - stationary position

  • Free range / area controlling

  • Human face recognition

  • Human face recognition

  • Person and room controlling

  • Security Conceptions