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Ogma Conceptions is a fast growing IT company preserve the passion for big innovative ideas in the field of web designing,development and mobile application.For more info visit our site at http://www.ogmaconceptions.com/


  • 1.Ogma conceptions Introduction Ogma Conceptions preserve the passion for big innovative ideas, little design, and a better approach to create customer-centric interactive experiences.

2. About Ogmaconceptions We are not solely a design agency. We are not simply graphic designers. Nor are we pure coders and artists. What we are is a team of builders with one goal in mind, to bring your ideas to life and help you craft and grow your business. 3. Why OgmaConceptions Our Achievement Ogma has a proven track record of helping to create successful e- commerce businesses. Ogma offers cost effective solutions and will work within any budget to help you bring your business online. If requested, Ogma will provide a strategic analysis of your customer base and industry to help you make the right decisions about your website and its presentation. 4. Inroducing Ogma'ians 5. Services 6. Live Projects Le Grand Chef Ticket My Pal My roommate Bond Forever Mindwire 7. Live Projects contd.. Paradigm synergy Foodstantly Get out and get active Tradelab Chief Limos 8. Contact Us Mailing Address OGMA Conceptions, LLC 5th Ave N Seattle, WA 98101 United States Development Centre 17/B, Bose Pukur Road Kolkata - 700 042 USA: 206-552-4456 West Bengal, India INDIA : 91-33-65402280 contact@ ogmaconceptions.com