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Post on 12-Apr-2017


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Secrets to Authentic Success:

How to get out of your own way to have the confidence to live the life you were born to live

Success Is Out Therewww.ElizabethRobertsConsulting.comHave you ever looked at someone and said I want his or her life? There must be some secret, I see success is out there.

Then a little voice pops up and says: Hey stop all that wishing and dreaming and just keep going.

You want to be happy to have a life youre excited to live, yet you dont want to seem ungrateful for what you have today.


Over 10 years striving to feel like I made it

No accomplishment, award or promotion ever satisfied

Smack in the Face Moment:What do you like to do?

Today I have:More EnergyMore Time to Enjoy my life, friends and familyConfidence to achieve my dreams and make an impact

How You Get In Your Own Waywww.ElizabethRobertsConsulting.comWe created a life built on lies and fears.

We bought into a story long ago that life had to look a certain way.

We developed beliefs of what it meant to live the good life.

We allowed others to tell us what we should do with our lives.

You will not be able to live authentically if you continue to lie to yourself.

Confidence To Live Your Lifewww.ElizabethRobertsConsulting.comSo right here, right now, make a new pact with yourself.The new pact from this day forward is:

I am willing to seek out and live my truth.

Successful People = Never Compromise On Their Values

Unfiltered Dreamingwww.ElizabethRobertsConsulting.comThe first thing to do is to allow yourself to wish and dream again.

Unfiltered Dreaming = Dream like a child without worry and filled with genuine curiosity and passion

Identify Your Guiding

What fires you up?

What motivates you?

What are you truly passionate about?

What are you not willing to sacrifice?

What are your deal breakers?

Bold Honestywww.ElizabethRobertsConsulting.comSchedule regular check ins with yourself to see how consistently you are living your values.

Be gentle with yourself.

Lovingly give yourself grace, forgiveness and move forward again boldly.

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