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The One Million Dollar Question: Unlocking the Secrets of Hospital Success


Moving Healthcare

2May 17, 2016 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Electronic Medical RecordsThe Key of Care QualityPatient Safety

Comprehensive Care Planning

Marketing and Social Media for Hospitals

A Hospitals Financial StructureAgenda3

Best Practices & Principles Technology for the Future Establish the business case and sustainable funding sources to support the widespread adoption of health information technology.

Redesign business and care processes in tandem with health information technology to ensure benefit accrual.

Use digital technology to support patient centered in hospitals and extend that care beyond the hospital walls.

Establish reliable authorities to provide technology assessment and investment guidance for hospitals.

Adopt technologies that are labor-saving and integrative across the hospital.

Dont let technology expenses exceed cost to build new hospital4

Design Principles in Setting Up Hospital SystemIncorporate evidence-based design principles that improve patient safety, including single rooms, decentralized nursing stations and noise-reducing materials, in hospital construction.

Address high-level priorities, such as infection control and emergency preparedness, in hospital design and construction.

Include clinicians, other staff, patients and families in the design process to maximize opportunities to improve staff work flow and patient safety, and create patient-centered environments.

Design flexibility into the building to allow for better adaption to the rapid cycle of innovation in medicine and technology.

Incorporate "green" principles in hospital design and construction.5

Promote Economic ViabilityEnsure the system alignment of hospital measurement and payment systems to meet quality and efficiency-related goals for Insurance Carriers.

Apply process improvement tools to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Pursue coverage options to ensure patient access to, and affordability ofhealth care services.

Address the disequilibrium between the burdens of general acute hospitals and specialty hospitals in fulfilling the social mission for health care delivery.6

Electronic Medical Record7

EMR Benefits vs Manual Paper Records Track data over time.

Identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings.

Monitor how patients measure up to certain parameters, such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings.

Improve overall quality of care in a practice.

Provide by Management and Clinical Reports

Financial Matrix

ICI Compliance Indicators

Clinical and Medical Outcome8

Transforming Healthcare

Benefits of electronic health records include:

Better healthcareby improving all aspects of patient care, including safety, effectiveness, patient-centeredness, communications, education, timeliness, efficiency, and equity.

Encouraging healthier lifestyles in the entire population by focusing on increased physical activity, better nutrition, avoidance of behavioral risks, and wider use of preventative care.

Improved efficiencies and lower health care costsby promoting preventative medicine and improved coordination of health care services, as well as by reducing waste and redundant tests.

Better clinical decision makingby integrating patient information from multiple sources.9

The Key to Quality10

Quality of Care is a process for making strategic choices in Health Systems11

How to achieve Patient Centered CareImplement Patient-Centered Care Values as a priority for improving patient safety & patient - staff satisfactions to meet JCI and International Accreditation Standards.

Address patients barriers such as low health knowledge, personal and cultural preferences for confidentiality of Medical Records satisfactions to meet JCI and International Accreditation Standards.

Improve the quality of care for the chronically ill through adoption of care models that encourage coordinated, multi-disciplinary care.

Use robust process software improvement tools. 12

Best Practices in Addressing Staffing Challenges Address the growing Maldistribution of health care workers across the globe by installing fair migration and compensation policies for equalities.

Create work place cultures that can attract and retain a qualified health care workers based on JCI & International Accreditation Standards.

Support the development of health professional knowledge and skills required to evaluate and patients treatment in an increasingly complex environment.

Educate health professionals to deliver team based care and promote teamwork in the healthcare delivery system.

Develop the competence of health professionals to treat and evaluate geriatric and mental health patients needs.13

Patient Safety First14

Comprehensive Care Planning and Implementation Comprehensive Care Plans:

Is a collaborative plan that includes patient, care planners, the treating clinicians as well as physicians.

The underpinning of the Care Plan is the Initial Assessment coupled with the desires and objective of the patient and the family including patient outcome and discharge.15

Care Plan ImplementationThe team of Care Specialists are primarily responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Care Plan with the patient. They will provide the one-on-one care, coaching and assistance in the activities around the home, in the community and during recreation and pastimes.

CHC Services has a very strong emphasis on training of the Care Specialist staff and they are a part of the team comprising the Care Manager, Medical Director, and licensed clinicians.16

Marketing and Social Media for Hospitals Social Mediaplays a large role in peoples lives around the world, and the Middle East is no exception.

According to Arab Social Media Report that released at the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit last week,Facebookis the most used social media channel in the UAE, followed by Whatsapp.


Have a look at the list ofthe top used social media channels in the UAEbelow:18

How Can a Hospital Use the Social MediaCustomer Service: Contact point for our patient, catch problem early.

Community Outreach: The people in our physical community are on the sites.

Patient Education: Natural Extension to reach & teach.

Public Relations: The media is there looking for stories & sources.

Crisis Communications: Take control of the message and keep community update on real time19

Hospital RevenuesThe net payments actually received from government payers, insurers and patients. Government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid, dictate payments based on regulatory and legislative updates. Private payers negotiate rates with hospitals usually based either as a discount from charges or on a bundled service price. Essentially Hospital Revenue comprises of:


Cash revenues which includes Cash Customers who pay higher charges than Insurance, Cash normally includes Package charges for VIP Customers, deductibles, non covered items by Insurance etc.20

Hospital Cost Structure21

Approximately 50-65 percent of hospitals cost structure is devoted to salaries, wages and benefits costs in UAE, & high-tech equipment and services.

Other high operating costs areas include supplies, equipment, utilities, provision for bad debt and the like. Hospitals are very Labor-Intensive Organizations 22

Hospital Operating Margin The difference between revenues collected and operating costs

A hospital is doing well if they are able to produce a margin of 20 cents on the dollar or 25 percent above costs.

This is particularly applicable For Profit Hospitals such as NMC Group, Al Noor hospital Group, Mediclinic, VPS, etc.


Operating Margin

Facility Management

Operating Cost23

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Myrna L. Sandnes -Digital Marketing Consultant International Cell: +971-50-794-7449 myrnasandnes22@gmail.com24

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