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So, you want to increase your deliverability rates. And you think youre doing everything to make that happen: solid process, all of the components for a successful email campaign have been included, deployment timing is right. But for some reason, the numbers that you want to see for deliverability success are just not quite there. Well, we have the webinar for you! Join Rob Dyson, Pardots Technical Project Manager, as he takes us through the ins and outs of successful email deliverability.


  • 1. Secrets to Inbox Success Presented by: Rob Dyson, Technical Project Manager, Pardot LLC 1

2. Can You Guess? 2 3. Email Deliverability is a Pain Pardot provides: Easy list maintenance Bounce and spam complaint reporJng MulJ-part emails (text and HTML) ThroOling Security AutomaJc opt-outs Helps you stay CAN-SPAM compliant 3 4. What Else Should You Do? Concise and poignant messages AuthenJcaJon Monitor bounce and spam complaint rates Know about CAN-SPAM Never purchase lists OpJmize your content to avoid spam lters 4 5. What We re StarJng With 75% Average B-to-B deliverability rates 5 6. We re Working Towards 100% Average B-to-B deliverability rates 6 7. Beauty in Brevity Get to the point and stay on topic People do not read long emails Coincidentally, concise, poignant emails are people-friendly and less likely to get marked as spam Dont waste the recipients Jme! 7 8. Content is King Crabing good content usually yields high deliverability Concentrate on your content make sure youre giving your subscribers well-wriOen, valuable content Many readers are not aware of the dierence between spam and email they forgot they signed up for Marking a message as spam hurts your deliverability rates, unsubscribes do not 8 9. What is AuthenJcaJon? Conrms your idenJty as a sender - email providers check your domain or IP against a database of trusted senders Helps prevent phishing and spoong Protocols dier by ISP, see our knowledge base for instrucJons on sefng up authenJcaJon with your ISP 9 10. Monitoring Bounce & Complaint Rates Keep your hard bounces under 3% and spam complaint rate under 0.1% Hard bounces can occur when an email address is invalid, or the ISP/mail provider has blocked you Sob bounces, which can occur when a users mailbox is full or when the mail server is backed up, can be converted to a hard bounce depending on provider rules 10 11. CAN-SPAM Law that sets basic rules for commercial email Common sense, including: Dont use misleading header info Dont use decepJve subject lines Honor opt-out requests promptly Penalty for violaJng, rarely enforced 11 12. Reduce Spam Complaints Use conrmed opt-in Dont take permission for granted Set expectaJons, stay consistent Remove inacJve subscribers 12 13. Do Not Purchase Spammy Lists! Spam traps Non-existent email addresses UnsuspecJng recipients 13 14. Spam Traps Spam traps, also known as honey pots are dummy email addresses set up by ISPs to detect spammers. The only way you can run into issues with spam traps is by buying a bad list. According to Return Path, the presence of just one spam trap can drop your deliverability raJng by up to 53% 14 15. Non-Existent Email Addresses Campaigns with high numbers of non- existent email addresses have an average deliverability rate of 44%, according to Return Path Over 10% is considered high 15 16. UnsuspecJng Recipients Unsolicited emails lead to higher spam complaint rates, because users click Report as Spam. Applies to inacJve prospects. Use automaJon rules to keep your prospect lists fresh. 16 17. Spam Filters Spam lters on the recipients end automaJcally check your email for suspicious content Server-side: Barracuda, MessageLabs, PosJni, SpamAssassin ISP lters: Gmail,Yahoo! Mail, Lycos, Fastmail, Mobile Me 17 18. Content to Avoid Forms Javascript Flash 18 19. OpJmizing Your Content Typical email newsleOer. Or spammy spam spam? 19 20. Spam Rules are a Pain! Dear xyz Click here Toll-free number ...for only $199 Click below 20 21. Basic Spam Rules Subject line needs to reect message DONT SHOUT! High text to image raJo Avoid generic sales terms (Free! No commitment!) Include contact informaJon 21 22. Basic Spam Rules ARGH! 22 23. Fear Not. Most spam rules are easy to comply with Compliance is not all or nothing 23 24. Mobile In the rst half of 2011, email opens in mobile email clients increased 150%! Same spam rules apply. 24 25. Resources The UlJmate Email Deliverability Checklist This presentaJon (link will be sent as follow-up to webinar) PresentaJon by VP of Sales, Derek Grant, enJtled Email Deliverability 101 on the Pardot website (under Resources/Webinars) 25 26. QuesJons 26 27. Contact InformaJon Pardot Robert Dyson 950 East Paces Ferry Rd Technical Project Manager Suite 3300 Atlanta, Georgia 30326 @rdyson on TwiOer 404.492.6848 877.3B2B.ROI 27