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The method used to make a set of art castings. Using 3D printing technology to make complex sand cores, not possible by conventional processes.


  • 1. Metal Casting Using 3D Printing Technology

2. The Idea I wanted to create a casting using 3D printing of sand cores but also. The shape had to be very difficult to produce by conventional core making processes This presentation shows the process used to create the sculpture 3. A complex shape, very difficult to make in metal by conventional (sand casting) means 4. Many undercuts in different directions 5. After the design is done (3D ProEngineer) 6. ..we add features for metal flow and to allow the gas to escape 7. Cores are designed to allow easy preparation 8. Base core 9. Middle core 10. Upper core with metal in-gate and gas outlets 11. Lower core with locating features 12. Middle Core with locating features 13. Upper core with locating features 14. Cores are printed by 15. Cores are removed from machine 16. Loose sand removal 17. Upper core with locating features 18. Middle core with locating features 19. Core assembly 20. Lower and middle cores 21. Core assembly 22. Pour metal and clean the casting 23. Remove excess metal and polish 24. Highlights in the sunshine 25.


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