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Jewellery sand casting, the aim to experiment making a cast of a object. I chose a metal hand.


  • 1. Sand CastingHere is my experiment using the sand casting process. Here is my slideshow on the process. The process to start with is to chop into the sand until it is fine then place the sand in the mould. You need to make sure that you use the section with the lip on the bottom. Each half has a marker and these have to be aligned.You need to fill the bottom half and then gently hammer the sand and press the piece that you want to make a casting of. Then next step is to put a small amount of talcum powder around the piece and brush away the excess.

2. Here you can see the tools you will need to complete the casting process. Casting sand and casting container. Metal ruler. Small paint brush. Talcum powder. Small drill bit. And a knife. 3. When the casting pot is ready the next process is to set your self up at the furnace. Place the melting pot at the furnace. Gather the metal for casting , for this I chose to use scrap silver. Place your metal in the crucible, when using silver only use this crucible for silver. The idea behind this is to save any contamination with your metal.