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<ul><li><p>Welcome To </p></li><li><p>Safety Tips to Tour New York City </p><p>Stay Safe in New York </p><p>New York Tours is generally safe city to travel to, but you should use your normal judgment to discriminate situations. Stay away from deserted blocks or streets; watch out for gangs and </p><p>obvious criminals. While NYC is mostly safe, it's still a city and it will have some funky </p><p>characters on the streets. Make sure to not wear expensive clothing or items that other people can </p><p>tell were costly. Leave valuables at the hotel or where you are staying in order to keep them safe. </p><p>Don't bring more cash than you think you'll spend that day. Make sure you always know where </p><p>your wallet and purse are at all times, especially in crowded areas. Don't hang your purse on the </p><p>back of your chair when you're at a restaurant or you're sitting down somewhere. Be polite to </p><p>panhandlers but gently ignore their offers to hail you a cab, often at busy areas like Penn Station </p><p>or Port Authority. </p><p>Handle Money during New York Tours </p><p>New York is one of the most costly cities in the world and that is something youll need to keep in mind before you go. While several attractions and to-dos are free, many things cost money and youll have to expect to spend a lot more than in your hometown. Hotels used to have nice deals and bargain a number of years ago, but those deals are a lot harder to find these days. </p><p>When youre dealing with money, its always good to have several types of payment methods at hard; some cash and coins, some credit cards and some travelers checks. </p></li><li><p>Handle Long Flights to New York </p><p>Long flights can be uncomfortable and many people dread flying more than a couple of hours. </p><p>However, if youre going across country, or farther yet, across the oceans, youll have to expect at least five or six hours on the plane each way depending on stops. Some tips to remember are </p><p>for example to get up and walk in the aisles to improve circulation and stretch your body as often </p><p>as you get a chance. If you opt for an aisle seat, youre more likely to get two seats to yourself as the middle seats are the last ones to fill up. However, the emergency exit seats have the most leg </p><p>room, so ask for that if youre tall and need more space. Some airlines have more space than others as a general rule, so does your research online before you book your flight. </p><p>Try Out a New York Package Tour </p><p>Let's face it; planning a trip to New York City is a tedious task. From the airfare to the hotel </p><p>rates, it can get expensive sooner rather than later. Instead of going bankrupt trying to put </p><p>together your itinerary on your own, one of the best ways to plan your trip is to look into package </p><p>tours. When planning a trip yourself, almost everything you book needs to be done separately. </p><p>By utilizing a package, a travel agent can book your flight, hotel, ground transportation, and even </p><p>a few sightseeing endeavors all at one time. Not only is it easy, but it will save you a lot of time </p><p>and money. </p></li></ul>