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NYC2WAY Limousine invites you to take a ride on this tour of a wonderful collection of photos about the many New York City landmarks in this slide presentation. Awesome pictures & info about tourist attractions found in the big apple.


  • 1.Tour of New York City Landmarks

2. Get ready for this tour of New York City landmarks via NYC 2WAY containing photos of many wonderful and amazing places to visit in the big apple. NYC 2WAY transportation is proud to be part of this wonderful city. The car & limo company knows New York City quite well due to their many years of providing quality transportation service to the five boroughs for more than a decade. 3. One statue synonymous with the stock market is this intimidating and mean looking bull. The Wall Street Bull pictured above has been featured in several Hollywood movies and countless television programs as well. 4. There is no doubt that the Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous and identifiable landmarks in New York City. 5. The inspiring Lady liberty, which was a gift from the France, was erected on liberty island way back in 1886. 6. If theres one place that cannot be left out of this landmark tour its Times Square. People all over the world watch the New Year's Eve celebration take place every year. Millions gather for the live event in order to watch the ball drop and bring in the new year. 7. Another world famous monument which everyone in New York and NYC2WAY is proud of is the Guggenheim Museum. The museum features sculptures, painting, and video art. 8. The people of New York City and folks all over know the commencement of Christmas holidays once they see the huge & beautiful tree on the Rockefeller Center light up each year. This exquisite monument is also home to Radio City Music and an ice skating rink as well as being home to numerous dining and shopping destinations. 9. The Brooklyn Bridge is considered a very important landmark and it is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. 10. Grand Central Station is a very big part of New York City and NYC C 2 WAY Limousine Services takes you there in style and comfort. 11. There is nothing quite like the view of New York City; especially when seeing it from atop of the Empire State Building. This classic & popular tourist attraction is 102- story high. The construction for the skyscraper began way back in 1929 and has been an essential part of New Yorkers ever since. 12. We hope you have enjoyed this tour of some of the most famous New York City landmarks brought to you by NYC 2WAY Transportation. If you have enjoyed this presentation you can take a look at several other similar projects filled with awesome and amazing photos and information here in our NYC2WAY Group profile.


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