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Royale Premium Club is an exclusive holiday club which offers exciting locations in India and abroad. We endeavor to fill your present with excitement and add beautiful memories to your life.


  • 1. Home for holidays

2. Royale Premium Club (RPC) is one of the emerging and leading holiday membership club in country. RPC is one of the emerging names in India but has achieved incredible fame and popularity within a short span of time globally. The most important reason for this is that we believe in our uniqueness to provide the best of the best services in terms of hospitality, luxury, leisure besides offering them a unique way of pick and choose holidays from six different aspects of 3. We offer you to choose the stress busters of your choice from the above list and your memory gets more and more enriched and treasured where you with your loved ones enjoy the beauties of beaches or the diversification of nature in the form of wildlife or the serenity of Himalayas or the the heroic and majestic monuments of our golden heritage or practicing leisure in actual sense, thus getting rid of stress in a unique way, all in one go. 4. RPCprovides an easy access to its members to experience the outer world in a positive way and thats why we have contacted the best resorts and hotels throughout the country and abroad to arrange quality trip to the countries with great trust. We do not compromise on quality and try to give best deal to customer at affordable prices. In our package we offer our membership to customer were he can go for holidays, where he can choose from more than a thousand of properties in India as well as 5. ROYALE PREMIUM CLUB has extremely efficient and technically proficient staffs which is always ready to serve its members with the best of facilities. All efforts of RPC are team efforts. Our staff is always there at your disposal to help you out in every possible way and to guide you in the best possible way. We have established numerous call centers all over India where in you can reach out to us. We feel privileged to serve you. You can reach out to us by calling our customer services . 6. RPCis known for its services and hence we provide our members six days of complete fun and enjoyment at a reasonably affordable price. This price can be easily met by a common man and is valid for 2 years and in these 2 years a person can avail this offer anytime he feels he is free to travel. At such a low price being offered, he can visit to his dream place and can relax in royale resorts and hotels. 7. RPCkeeps a vision to widen its chain of hotels and resorts in the years to come and has set a target to occupy the top position in the field of holiday clubbing. To enroll more and more professionals for supplementing the continuous expansion. To widen its chain of hotels and luxury resorts in the coming years by contacting and establishing ties with more and more hotels and resorts spread throughout India and abroad. 8. RoyalePremium Club has a caliber to meet the challenges by widening its range of activities of holiday club and thus catering to holidays for everyone. RPC anticipates customers needs and makes every effort to cater to all these needs with a clear sense of professionalism so as to make them feel special. Royale Premium Club has a strong conviction and it is always ready to experiment how to make holidays enjoyable by breaking the conventional 9. RPCis an expert in Air trip, where we offer the best ticket of the selected airlines at really affordable prices as compared to the market prices. We make it a point to offer excellent journey to our members so that one is free from those managerial tasks during the journey which makes you relaxed as your work load is reduced to almost zero and you are just engrossed in enjoying every bit of your precious time. 10. We want our members to enjoy the tripsans stress in affordable manner. We want you to have an in depthexploration of new places and places ofyour choice as well. We want you to experience luxury everytime you plan a trip. We make you reach out to newer andnewer places. We want you to experience the outer worldin the easiest way. 11. Wildlifeholidays Heritage holidays Beach holidays Religion holidays Leisure holidays Himalayan Holidays 12. It is rightly said For whatever we lose itsalways ourselves we find in the sea!There is always a wish to move out onholidays with your family on sand granuleswith tides witnessing your divine, ecstasyand most memorable moment. So here isa chance given by RPC to have a lovelystay at resort beaches in India as well asaround the world.Be it your kids or your partner or yourfriends, each one of us is tied to theocean, and when we go back to the sea whether to sail or to watch, we are 13. Boredof watching wildlife on television? RPC Holidays gives you the very best opportunity to explore the choicest places wherein you can visualize the wildlife in real and create those special moments in your life which are worth cherishing. You may become anything in your life, you may dream big, you may chase the stars, you may touch sky, but just rewind back and you will find yourself as a little child wanting to be in the lap of nature and dreaming to be a part of wildlife at least 14. Leisure holidays are those moments where comfort with hospitality comes first and life is far from work and tension. It is a perfect time where you can have a romantic time with your partner in a royal room, where candle light marks a new beginning of love and a new route to express your love. It is a splendid moment where life is on a relaxed platform, where you with your loved ones can leisurely rest under an umbrella. It is a place to have a makeover through Spas and Health Resorts. The holidays provide the right blend for fulfilling ones dream to enjoy life 15. The meticulous people in the past created some of the best wonders of this world. Through their impeccable craftsmanship . Coming out from the books, newspapers, magazines, internet and just reach the place and you and your children are enriched like never before. So here is an opportunity created by Royale Premium Club for the families to know the incredible India at an incredibly low cost. It would be the most enriching experience of your life. Give it a chance and you would love it. 16. Himalayasare best described as the abode of snow which are undoubtedly the ultimate destination of cool atmosphere, serenity, beauty and splendor. Cool breeze blows every moment rejuvenating you and taking your soul somewhere in those mountains free from worldly tensions and complexities. So all the wonderful holidays are just waiting for your participation through the trust worthy Royale Premium Club in a satisfactory manner. 17. Itis rightly said No body on this earth iscomplete until he understands his religioncompletely. We always have an inner desireto visit a sacred place and pay obeisance butdue to lack of proper knowledge andplanning, we are unable to go to such places.RPC has come up with the divine plan whereall arrangements are done with one order andthis makes your trip to holy place moreblessed. 18. Travellingis one of the routine and mandatory activities of everybody. As the life is on the fast track due to modernization and scientific implementation to do the things quickly, machines have been put into use so as to save time and resources. Royale Premium Club completes all procedural formalities promptly and you commence your air journey smoothly without facing any hazards or cancellations. Above all, you save time so as to take care of your family who travels with you or you