quickinsite report demonstration, july 2012

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1. StoryView and ThemeView:Combining Graphics and Community Information 2. StoryView and ThemeView:Combining Graphics and Community Information 3. The New QuickInsite Report Has An Easy to Read Geographic Map For Your Custom Study Area 4. Charts and Graphs Aid in The Interpretation of Your Mission Area 5. Color Coding of Data TrendsFor Quick Interpretation of Area 6. Compare Your Study Area to Your State to Contextualize Your Learning 7. New Mosaic Household Type Portraits Built on the 2010 Census Add Attitudinal andBehavioral Information to Your Report 8. More Than Data ViewPoint Variables Such asthe Religiosity Theme Provide Clues to theReligious Attitudes of Your Custom AreaImportant to Attend Religious Services My Faith is Really Important to MeConsider Myself a Spiritual PersonEnjoy Watching Religious TV ProgramsConservative Evangelical Christian


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