PtWeb view2 characteristics of true crabs: ... Phylum Echinodermata. ... What does the word “echinoderm” mean? _____ Structure. Water vascular system ...

Download PtWeb view2 characteristics of true crabs: ... Phylum Echinodermata. ... What does the word “echinoderm” mean? _____ Structure. Water vascular system ...

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8. Arthropoda

Organization: _______________________Symmetry ___________________________

Represent _____% of all animals on earth

Most marine species are classified into subphylum ________________________.

Three examples: ________________________/ ________________________/ ________________________.

B. General Characteristics=

Segmented body into four segments




_________________________: fusion of head & thorax

External skeleton called an ____________________ made of a complex sugar called _____________________ that they must shed, or ________________ in order to grow.

C. Subphylum Crustacea

Marine adaptations: __________________________ and ___________________________________________________.

Examples _____________________:(abundant in plankton)/ ________________________: attached to surface and filter-feed/ ________________________________: ten-footed (include crabs, shrimp, lobster)


Cephalothorax protected by shell called ________________________________.

2 characteristics of true crabs: ___________________________ and __________________________________.

Male Abdomen shape _________ / Female abdomen shape __________

Feeding: as planktonic larvae they ___________________.

Benthic crustaceans have appendages ________________________________ to push food to mouth

Nervous system:

simple brain

______________________________ eyes on stalks.

Balance receptor called ____________________________________.


Females carry eggs with specialized swimmerets called ______________________________.

Fertilization must take place when female has ___________________________ and is a __________________ - shelled crab

Males transfer sperm packed called a ________________________________.

D. Other Marine Arthropods

________________________________ : Similar to species extinct for millions of years.

Class __________________________: rare in open ocean; include marine water strider

E. Economic Significance: _____ million crustaceans harvested yearly, mostly in ____________________.

9. Phylum Echinodermata

A. Examples: ___________________________________/___________________________________/___________________________________/


Symmetry: ____________________________________________ meaning it can be sliced into five equal planes.

Mouth: __________________ surface / Opposite of mouth: _____________________ surface

What does the word echinoderm mean? ________________________________________________________________


Water vascular system: ___________________________________________

_____________________________________: internal skeleton.

Composition of plates embedded in endoskeleton: _____________________________________________.

Move and feed by _________________________, which are muscular extensions of canals that _______________________ when filled with water and end in a __________________________________.

B. Class Asteroidea

Example: _____________________________________________

_____________________________________________: channels from which mouth & tube feet protrude.

2 examples of starfish prey: _________________________ / ______________________________________

C. Class Holothuroidea

Example: ____________________________________

_____________________________________ feeders

Sudden pushing of guts out the mouth or anus: _____________________________________________, used as a ____________________________________ mechanism

D. 3. Class Echinoidea- sea urchins & sand dollars

Examples: _______________________________________ and ____________________________________________

Endoskeleton forms _________________________shape.

Unique mouth structure: jaws and muscles called ______________________________________________

E. Other Members

Brittle stars: ___________________________________ movement

Feather Stars & Sea Lillies

_________________________________ feeders-

Body plan- like an upside down __________________________________________

F. Feeding

_____________________________ (prey on other animals)

Starfish ___________________________stomach through mouth to consume prey

G. _____________________________ system: responsible for respiration and circulation

H. Ability to grow lost or damaged body parts = ______________________________________________________

Anatomical Features



Example organism

1. Asteroidea

2. Holothuroidea

3. Echinoidea


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