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Prepare Dessert

Prepare DessertAt the end of the lesson, you are expected to:perform Mise en placeprepare desserts and sweet saucesplate/present desserts; andstore desserts

What is dessert?


DessertIs usually sweet course or dish (as of pastry or ice cream) usually served at the end of the meal

What are the reasons for eating desserts and sweets?

Dessert balances out a meal and gives closure to the meal.

Eating dessert is an opportunity to experience different flavors and textures that you cannot get in other foods like vegetables, meats, and fruits.

Dessert can be an opportunity to be creative. You can make interesting mixtures that you otherwise may not have thought of.

Dessert isnt fattening. Remember, there is no such thing as a fattening food

It will make you feel like a kid again.. Forget anti-aging creams or long and sweaty workout sessions at the gym, the fastest way to recapture your youth, or embrace a more youthful spirit is to eat like a kid

It is romantic. Desserts are designed for romance. After all, you cant really order a salad with two forks. But, when it comes to cake, that is a different matter.

Tools, Equipment, and Utensils needed in preparing desserts or sweets

Graduated Measuring Cups

Individual Measuring Cups

Measuring SpoonsA set of individual measuring spoons used to measure small quantities of ingredients.

Measuring Cup or SpoonIndividual measuring cup for dry ingredients, glass measuring cup for liquid and measuring spoon for ingredients used in small quantity.

Mixing Bowls

Mixing BowlUsed for mixing ingredients. It comes in different sizes. Small, medium, and large

cans, bottles, cartons opener

Cans, bottles, cartons opener used to open a food tin, preferably with a smooth operation, and comfortable grip and turning knob.

Cutting board a wooden or plastic board where fruits and vegetables can be cut.

Double boiler

Double Boilerused when temperatures must be kept below boiling, such as for egg sauces, puddings, and to keep foods warm without overcooking.


Funnelsused to fill jars, made of various sizes of stainless steel, aluminum, or of plastic


Gratersused to grate, shred, slice and separate foods such as carrots, cabbage and cheese.

Kitchen Knivesoften referred to as cook's or chef's knife. Use for peeling and slicing fruits and vegetables

Kitchen shears

Kitchen Shears They are practical for opening food packages, cutting tape or string to package foods or simply to remove labels or tags from items.


Scrapera rubber or silicone tools to blend or scrape the food from the bowl; metal, silicone or plastic egg turners or flippers


Spoonssolid, slotted, or perforated. Made of stainless steel or plastic, the solid ones are used to spoon liquids over foods and to lift foods, including the liquid out of the pot

Temperature scales

Temperature Scalesused to measure heat intensity. Different thermometers are used for different purposes in food preparation for meat, candy or deep-fat frying..

Vegetable Peelerused to scrape vegetables, such as carrots and potatoes and to peel fruits. The best ones are made of stainless steel with sharp double blade that swivels.


WhisksFor blending, mixing, whipping eggs or batter, for blending gravies, sauces and soups. The beaters are made of looped steel piano wires which are twisted together to form the handle

Wooden spoon

Wooden Spoonscontinue to be kitchen essentials because of their usefulness for used for creaming, stirring, and mixing. They should be made of hard wood

Baking PansOne cannot bake without bakeware. Baking pans like loaf pans, cake pans, pie plates, baking sheets and so on are necessary for baking.


EquipmentsMore complicated tools like small electrical appliance, such as mixer, or a large expensive, power-operated appliance such as refrigerator.

Refrigerators/Freezersare necessary in preventing bacterial infections from foods.

Rangea kitchen appliance used for cooking food.

MixersUsed for mixing, creaming, beating and whipping ingredients. The ultimate mixer for anyone who bakes is, of course, a stand mixer.

Blendersare used to chop, blend, mix, whip, puree, grate, and liquefy all kinds of food.