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  • 1. Dessert Time By: Mitchell M. Kouchi Computer 9
  • 2. What is Americas Favorite Dessert?
  • 3. Well, to tell you the truth, America doesnt have one specific favorite dessert. We have many memorable, and great tasting dessert.
  • 4. Ice Cream
    • The first Ice Cream Parlor in America opened in New York City in 1776
    • Ice Creams name comes from the phrase Iced Cream
    • Ice mixed with salt helps to lower and control the temperature of the ice cream ingredients during its making.
    • Another invention is the wooden bucket freezer with rotary paddles
  • 5. Jell-O
    • In 1845 was the first patent for a gelatin
    • Jell-O is made from gelatin
      • Gelatin = Processed version of a structural protein called collagen found in many animals including humans.
    • The Jell-O we eat is made from artificial flavors, food coloring, and collagen from cows and pigs
  • 6. Cheesecake
    • Used to be served to the athletes during the first Olympic Games
    • Made of a crust, filling, and sour cream/cream cheese/cottage cheese topping
    • Technically cheesecake is a Pie/Custard, not a cake.
    • Types include:
      • New York
      • French
      • Etc.
  • 7. Mochi
    • A Japanese rice cake
    • Made by pounding glutinous rice into a paste and molding it into shapes
    • Used to make sweets, or cooked in soups
    • Mochi is traditionally made in a ceremony called mochitsuki.
  • 8. Malasadas
    • Malasadas are also known as a Portuguese doughnut, and Malassadas.
    • Originated in Sao-Miguel
    • Leonard's was the first commercially made Malasada in Hawaii
    • Malasadas are deep fried dough rolled in sugar
  • 9. Chocolate Cake
    • Similar to devils food cake probably because of its the contrast of angel food cake
    • Types include:
      • Upside Down Chocolate Cake
      • Chocolate Cake
      • Tunnel of Fudge Cake
    • Chocolate is made from beans of a Cacao Tree
    • The trees grow in the tropics and the pods grow bigger than a foot
  • 10. Apple Pie
    • Apple Pie came from England who started it in the 1400s as meat pies (pies with meat)
    • The pie was baked so the top crust could come off so sugar and spices could be added
    • A basic Apple Pie contains uncooked apples, fat, sugar, and sweet spices mixed together
    • By the 15 th century Apple Pies mad in Rome were made by popular apples like the Pippins, Pomewaters, Bittersweets, and Blanderelles
  • 11. Shave Ice
    • Unlike a snow cone, its freshly grated, which makes it lighter and flakier. This allows it to absorb more flavor
    • Japanese plantation workers started Shave Ice in Hawaii around the 1880s by shaving blocks of ice and drenching it in syrup
    • Popular Flavors Include:
      • Strawberry
      • Coconut
      • Lime
      • Li-Hing Mui
      • Bubble Gum
      • Lilikoi
    • You could add azuki beans or ice cream on the bottom, or condensed milk on top
  • 12. Yogurt
    • Yogurt gives your body valuable nutrients like calcium, protein, and vitamin B2
    • Yogurt is full of bacteria that can
      • Relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
      • Help prevent urinary tract infections
      • Helps prevent osteoporosis
    • Restores balance in your bodys yeast levels, preventing yeast infections
    • Keeps bones strong
  • 13. Statistics Yay!
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