Portfolio Spring 2013-- Part 2

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Learning portfolio for first semester Architecture studio, second half


  • Learning Portfoliuo: April-May 2013

    Conner DeVoe

    ARCH 101

  • Choosing the Site: Goals: Encourage practical use of the space Meeting area Relaxation space Natural extension and focal point of staircase Encourage and amplify dramaticism in design Overhang over slope Visual interaction with staircase and railing

  • Modeling the Site:

    Made multilayered foam-core elevation model Determined general vision and intention Began conceiving layout and structure Goals: Broaden and deepen site goals Establish connection to a distant point Viewers eye should naturally be drawn out across the valley, soaring over the space between the two hills

  • Original: Wooden skeleton

    Final version: Skinned

    Modeling the Site

  • Framing the Deck

    The first step in construction was perhaps the most difficult, and certainly the most structurally important. We had to create a frame for the deck that would enable the dramatic overhang that was the focus of the design. We wanted to avoid using stakes or supports under the overhang that would detract from its drama. Sufficiently stiffening this frame proved to be quite challenging as well as extremely time, labor, and material intensive. After some trial and error, we created an integrative system in which the frame worked in tandem with the natural directional rigidity of the decking itself to create a unified, solid structure.

  • Constructing the Deck

    The most glaring structural weakness of the frame was torsional rigidity. We laid the decking across the frame diagonally against the direction of torque, successfully stiffening the structure

    While the decking took care of torque, the natural flex of the wood remained a problem on the overhang. To complicate things, the decking was supposed to take a step down onto the overhang, effectively insulating it and reducing the effect of any increase in structural strength uphill

  • Constructing the Deck

    After completing laying the deck and some additional bracing, the base was finished. It had taken significantly more time and material than we had expected and had some minor structural and aesthetic shortcomings, but we were finally ready to start on the superstructure.