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Polina Mikhailova, Polina Lubimova, Liza Dobina Teacher: Puchkova Elena Slide 2 Hustle- First-rate- Boldness- Daring- Precarious- Slide 3 The word Roofer came to us from English. This culture is rather young. In England it appeared at the end of XX century, when people need freedom very much. Father of this sport was John Shennon. He made for his girlfriend the rendezvous on the roof. In Russia it appeared at the beginning of August 2012 the young rufers climbed to the St Petersburg TV Tower. Firstly roofing is not only climbing on roofs, it is finding a wonderful, beautiful view. In addition, roof - it's a chance to see the familiar world from a new perspective, reflect on life with a different approach. Slide 4 The main purpose is finding the best view of their city, because the sight from the roof is more exciting then sight from the ground. Slide 5 People become roofers for different reasons. Someone because of their curiosity, they wonder how do their city looks from the great high. Someone climbs on the roof to have a break from the hustle and feel free. And all of roofers goes to the roofs for making photos, because lights of the big city at night looks wonderful, first-rate. Slide 6 These people are united by their views, by their interests. All of them are finding the best world. Their world is full of dangerous adventures, extreme situations, wonderfull panoramic views. Most of them like to make photos. Slide 7 Sometimes accidents happen and roofers fall down from roofs. It can laid to serious injury or even death. But many people return again to this dangerous precarious hobby., Slide 8 Ideas of roofers are exciting! Ruffers try to climb on the greatest high from time to time. So to become ruffer you should be rather brave and have a lot of courage, boldness and daring. All of them have a beautiful memories about their climbs, and they can tell some for their future children. Slide 9 1. Who was the father of this culture? 2. What is the main purpose? 3. What do you thing about roofing?