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Polina Gagarina

Polina GagarinaDone by: Mikhaylov Oleg,Class 9aShakhunya secondary school 14Teacher: G.V. Kondrashova

January 2017

A Russian pop singer, composer, actress, model. The representative of Russia at the music contest "Eurovision-2015. She took second place.


In 2004 Polina was invited to the Playgirls. In 2005 she signed a record deal with ARS Records, but she never sang in this group.

I think Polina became famous when she took the 2nd place in Eurovision-2015

Now Polina is very a popular singer in Russia and in the World. Ilike Polinas work because she is very cute and bright. My favourite song by Polina Gagarina is Million voices . I like it because she sang it at Eurovision 2015 and this song is remembered by many people from all over the world.

Praying for peace and healingI hope we can start againWe believe, we believe in a dream

When you hear our voices callYou wont be lonely anymoreA, a million voices

There are some lyrics of Polina Gagarinas song Million voices

Thank you for attention!