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  • 1. Youth for a healthy lifestyle
    • Organizer: Mihalskaya Polina
    • April 12, 2011 School - Gymnasium 1
    • Kyrgyzstan Tokmok
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    • I dedicate m y project to the fight ing against the alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking among young people, because from the early age children begin to drink and smoke. And I want to help kids understand that it is very harmful for their health .
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      • My project will help children recognize and understand the problems associated with alcohol abuse and smoking.
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    • I organize the group, and we will have in our Power Point Presentations
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    • Plan :
    • 1 were questioned in all classes. 2 proceeds class hours per topic: the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking. 3 interviewed. 4 Show a d isplay of lecture by Vladimir G. Zhdanov. 5) slide show about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs. 6) show clips about the dangers of smoking, alcohol, drugs.
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    • 1 computer 2 projector 3 pens 4 Paper
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      • After my lectures, I hope the guys will come to their senses, and those who smoked or saw, will no more do so, and those who have not started to smoke or drink, having listened to me, will not start it.
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    • Thanks for attention!
    • I hope you will like it and let me through the next tour