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  • Poetry by AlisonRhymeSensory LanguagePatterned PoetryFree Verse

  • Rhyme: My Little Brother I have to give him some slack,But Ill maybe just a snack,Because he did it so soon, He got to play till noon!

  • Sensory Language: SoundsThe birds were tweeting like muisc The dogs were barking like a boom!!The cows were as loud as a bell,And I herd it all, all right here, on the farm!!

  • Patterned Poetry: HouseHelpfulOut sideUsefulSleep in itEat in it

  • Free Verse: Walking to SchoolWalking to school is like loving Chocolate!Reading a book is like going into anther land!Sewing a sweater is like running in a Field of Grass!


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