structural elements of poetry. important vocabulary verse/stanza rhyme scheme imagery

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  • Structural Elements of Poetry
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  • Important Vocabulary verse/stanza rhyme scheme imagery
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  • Stanza/Verse a stanza/verse is like a paragraph in a poem a group of lines in a poem that go together a poem can have multiple stanzas or verses stanzas or verses are separated by a blank line
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  • How many stanzas? I threw a small water balloon. Thats all. I hid. I tossed. I ran. My victim knows, and lies in wait with the garden hose. Three stanzas/verses
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  • Imagery a poet often writes poems to create word pictures it is the readers job to create the pictures in their minds when they read the poems it is sometimes a puzzle to figure out what the poet is describing
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  • Imagery A crow stole the cone and six tiny sparrows hopped vanilla footprints across the sidewalk. What event is this poem describing? What happened to the ice cream cone someone dropped
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  • Rhyme Scheme a rhyme scheme describes in letters the pattern that the poems follows each line of the poem is assigned a letter that matches the other line it rhymes with EX. AABB or ABAB etc.
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  • Name the Rhyme Scheme AABB
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  • Name the Rhyme Scheme I saw a very pretty dog But he was a bit cautious He had gotten lost in the fog And now was a bit nauseous ABAB
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  • Name the Rhyme Scheme AABB
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  • Watch following Brain Pop ready for the quiz that follows!!


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