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Planning for Tomorrow Today. 41 Years Strong. Mission. Education Patient Care Research Service. First DDS Class. DDS Class of 2009. Issues Challenging Dental Schools. Increased costs Reduced government support Faculty recruitment & retention Increasing diversity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Planning for Tomorrow Today41 Years StrongMissionEducationPatient CareResearchServiceFirst DDS ClassDDS Class of 2009Issues Challenging Dental SchoolsIncreased costsReduced government supportFaculty recruitment & retentionIncreasing diversityAging facilities & equipmentLSUHSC School of DentistryFunding FY 200952% State of Louisiana1% fees19% student clinics13% state grants and contracts14% federal grants and contracts1% interest incomeReduced Government SupportIn FY 2009, 15% budget cut & future cuts expected;Funds sustain only basic operations;Increased clinic income, federal funding & private support a must.LSUSD Cost to Educate One DDSIn FY 2001:Mean - $83,154LSUSD - $80,967State Appropriation:Mean - $29,906LSUSD - $42,990In FY 2007:Mean - $108,416LSUSD - $105,977State Appropriation:Mean - $21,973LSUSD - $25,477LSU is still a Great BargainIn FY 2001(public):Mean - $11,565LSU - $5,465Private:Mean $29,579In FY 2007(public):Mean - $20,301LSU - $10,230Private:Mean $41,945DDS Freshman 2009/10Increasing DiversityEnrollment of minority students does not adequately represent the population;Most dental schools have poor record of enrolling/matriculating minority dental students.Distribution of Race Among Professionally Active Dentists, 2006Chart10.8620.0340.0690.00120.034SalesWhite, 86.2%African American, 3.4%Sheet1SalesWhite86.2%Hispanic3.4%Asian/Pacific Islander6.9%American Indian0.12%African American3.4%To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.Increasing Diversity (cont)Established Summer Enrichment Program for minority and disadvantaged students in 2008;Mission is to build diverse student body;Funded by private donations; Campaign to support and expand the program on the horizon.2009 Summer Program ParticipantsFaculty Recruitment & RetentionLSU requires quality, experienced faculty;Faculty salary levels often not competitive; Education and research opportunities for faculty necessary;Faculty practice opportunities must increase;LSUSD lost 30% of faculty following Katrina.Many Retired (Drs. Chiche & Mohamed)Dr. Chadhas RetirementGood News10 new faculty have accepted positions;4 more offers extended;Average faculty age is 50. New Department HeadsDrs. Van Himel & Dale EhrlichNew Faculty: Drs. Mairi Noverr, Pooja Maney, & Shelley Joachim Facilities (Key Priority)LSUSD was built in 1968. Since then, few major renovations have occurred;Due to Katrina, the school has completed or is in the process of multiple renovations. Completed Facility ProjectsTwo main teaching auditoriums with up-to-date technology/distance learning; 1st Floor of the E.E. Jeansonne Clinic Building;Digital radiography in clinics.Auditoriums Clinic LobbyResearch Facility ProjectsApproximately $670K in renovations: Core statistical office (Rm. 6333);Biomaterials research lab (Rm. 6335);Dept. of Oral & Craniofacial Research Labs (Rm. 8405);Two new sterilizers for labs (Rms. 8404 & 6311A);Four renovated cold rooms (walk-in coolers to store research/lab materials).Biomaterials LabDr. Xu:Clinical Director BiomaterialsFunding for Completed ProjectsFederal Grant DollarsState AllocationsFuture Renovations Student Wet Labs (Floors 2, 3 & 7) Funded by private contributions;Labs never renovated;Clean, asbestos free countertop space;Lathes and model trimmers replaced;Stone and water dispensers replacing old plaster bins.Wet Lab on 2nd FloorRendition of New Wet LabNew Annex BuildingEst. Completion 2012FEMA to cover majority of cost;1st Floor parking;2nd Floor faculty practice & clinical research;3rd Floor animal research facilityelectrical & mechanical guts housed in the new annex to protect from flooding.Architectural Rendition of Annex BuildingAnother ViewPreclinical Lab ModernizationOriginal equipment (1970) still used; Instruction inefficientclass divided; No audio/visual communication between rooms;Technology outdated.Preclinical Lab BenchCurrent ConfigurationLayout of New LabsRendition of New Lab ConfigurationLab Modernization (cont.)Two labs planned; Phase 1: 79 simulation/bench top workstations with one instructor station; Phase 2: 79 bench tops equipped with audio/visual consoles to improve instruction with one instructor station;Each lab expanded for increased class size and CE participation. Key Funding Priorities$3.5 million Lab Modernization CampaignNon-endowed Funds for Faculty & Student Development & Facility/Technology UpgradesSummer Enrichment ProgramIncrease Endowments for Future StabilityWhy Endowment FundsIncome supports academics and research;Chairs & professorships receive a 40% match;Endowed fund balance has decreased 36.5%: from $10,443,205 to $6,640,611 (1 year);Strong endowment offsets budget cuts & strengthens programs. Labs are First PriorityGoal: $3.5 MillionCommunicationEmail Communication is more cost efficient & timely than print; New LSUSD ENewsletter launched this summer;Email acquisition is key;Forward newsletter or share email addresses if appropriate.Thank you!Causes dont need workers so much as they need informed and dedicated advocates.Harold J. Seymour (1894-1968)


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