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Paisa Movie Review15 hours agoPaisa Movie ReviewMovie:PaisaCast:Nani, Catherine Tresa, Siddhika Sharma,CharanRaj, Raja Ravindra, BharathDirector:Krishna VamsiMusic: Sai KarthikProducer:Ramesh Puppala

After several postponements Krishna Vamsi-Nani combo movie Paisa has hit the screens today world-wide. The movie has got delayed due to financial troubles. There is a good hype mounted on the movie as many thought it as comeback vehicle for Krishnavamsi. .Lets see whether our creative director hits the target or notStory:Prakash (Nani) is a happy-go-lucky guy who is eager to gain money. He used to pronounce his name differently as PraCash to show his love on cash. Noor (Catherine Tresa) is from a poor family works in the same shop. She loves Prakash profoundly, although never expresses it.But, Prakash wants to become rich in short cuts and chooses to trap Sweety (Siddhika Sharma), daughter of a rich politician Sanyasi (Charan Raj) who is a CM aspirant. To reach his aim Sanyasi has to spend Rs. 50 crore in a by-election. Sanyasi receives Money through Hawala and unexpectedly, Prakash and his friend finds that money.It is now a triangular fight between Nani,Charan Rajs gang members and other goons for the money.. Who bags the treasure? What happens to Noor and Sweety?Rest of the story deals with what kind of change that black money brings in Prakashs lifeAnalysis:Director Krishna Vamsi once again showed his interest on non-linear subjects rather than opting commercial potboilers. Paisa begins with throwing a light on how much black money is used bypoliticiansto contest in elections.There is a meaningful story; however it lacks the gripping narration. As like his earlier flicks KV unnecessarily integrated slow motion scenes at plenty of occasions. Instead of doing thorough research, Krishna Vamsi mixed few news items and weaved a story. A popular politician doing street fights is out of logic. He is a CM aspirant and he could have used his power.First half of Paisa is watchable. Pre-interval scene makes you hope that latter part is going to rock.Second half starts on a bright note but loses steam quickly. Bad screenplay spoil whole show and movie turns uninteresting at a point. Climax is a joke. Songs are speed breakers and harmed the film.On the positive front, Krishna Vamsi showed his mark of touch in couple of scenes. Nani enacted brilliantly to take them to the next level. Though routine, few of the chase scenes are excellently shot. KV dealt Hawala and Nanis confusion finding money in car exceptionally wellThe pace KV narrated first half creates huge impact and created good expectations on second -half. If the director lived up to expectations in second half, then Paisa would have become a Paisa vasool entertainer.To wrap up, KV missed a big hit with his loss of sight on screenplay and script in second half.Performances:Nani already proved himself as actor and he has given his hundred percent to the character.He is unmatchable in a lengthy scene explaining how money degrades man in a single shot. His reactions when he discovers the 50 Crores in the car are quite realistic. On a whole this was tailor-made character for him and it was the best performance for him till nowCatherine Tresa played a character that is devoid of her usual glamour show. Yet she manages to attract. Siddhika Sharma is confined to skin showRaja Ravindra stood out with his role. Venu got good response though he has done a two minute role. The two guys who acted as Nanis friends are okayTechnical aspects:Krishna Vamsi urgently needs to control his fascination for hyper emotional scenes and over the top shot conception. KV showed his trademark camer angles and close-up shots which made you to feel like dying .Krishna Vamsi attempted to make a crime comedy using contemporary issues. His attempt to try something new from routine stuff is there, but the vintage Krishna Vamsi goes missing yet again.Music by Sai Karthik is average, but the background score compensate to the average music. Even some of the mundane scenes are elevated by the background scoreCinematography in first half is good but when it comes to second half, I had a feeling of watching a TV serial on screen. Production values of Yeloow Flowers are poor to below average with many old city scenes shot on blue matHighlights:Nani actionHeroines glamourDialogues on moneyBackground musicDrawbacks:Second halfPoor production valuesKV mark over actionClimaxFinal Verdict:Paisa is a movie that will not give you a paisa vasool experience at the Box Office. Nanis hardwork and talent are wasted. There are few impressive moments in the film, but those are not enough to hold the film togetherTelugustop Rating: 2.5/5