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Movie Review

Movie ReviewBy Oliver Tiernan

Movie I chose The movie I have decided to do my review on is Sinister. The movie is a horror film revolving around a True-crime writer and the chilling events that unfold making for a thrilling watch. I decided to choose this movie as it is a like minded movie to the one my group is doing for our final piece.

The part of the film I want to focus on is the scene in the attic. This is important to my development of my final piece. Our film is set in an attic and I want to try to extract key features from the attic in the movie and put that into my final piece. This includes lighting, sounds, and appearance.

Expectations of the genre.From a Horror movie the audience expect several things:Eery dark setting at nightSlightly brighter setting during the dayAn old house(building)Family (mother, father, children)Spooky young girlShocks that make you jump out of your chair.Haunted spirit of villain.Dumb character who wants to explore the strange going ons (usually a good looking blonde women)

How its represented in SinisterIn sinister a lot of these features are represented. At the start we see an old home movie being played showing people hanging from a tree. After this we hop forward in time to an overcast day and a young family moving into a creepy house on an overcast day. The main protagonist is a crime writer working on a murder story.

Ellison OswaltEllison is the main character in the film. He is the father of a family with a teenage son and young daughter. He is a famous true story writer with a chilling past. He is very stereotypical of a horror film character as he is a character with a chilling past and a keen eye for adventure. His need to explain murders means that he sets himself up for exposure to the events that unfold.

Mr BoogieBughulu, otherwise known as Mr Boogie is the villain in the movie. He is a serial killer with a psychotic mind. He prays on young children and haunts their family. He goes to the most extreme lengths to horrifically torture the family in the house he haunts.