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  • 1. War child
    I'm calling on, I'm calling on the whole wide worldOn the whole wide worldCome on people, would you help me?Let's scream and shout, let's scream and shout cause we want peace, cause we want peace
    Lyrics: We Want Peace by Emanuel jal
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    Chrobog, C. & Molavi, A. (Producers), & Chrobog, C. (Director).
    (2008).War child [Motion picture], United States:
    18th Street Films Interactive Media Group.

2. When the rest of the children were learning how to write, I was learning how to fight.Emanuel Jal
This documentary chronicles the life of Emanuel Jal, a contemporary rap musician who grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa in southern Sudan.From the age of five years old, Jal served as a soldier in the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) in the civil uprising to fight for Sudans independence and to combat Arab influence.
He survived the war and was rescued by a woman who made it her mission to save as many of these war refugees as possible and to place them in schools in safe areas of Africa.Jal completed his education after losing his mother and many relatives and friends to the war.His father never came to claim him during or after the uprising, and following his education, he moved to the United States where he currently resides.
His music shares the story of his experiences and that of the Sudanese people to raise awareness and support.
Child Soldiers in the SPLA
3. From a global perspective, it is vital for the world to be aware of the history of this region, and the unrest and loss of lives that continues there.Youth development practitioners serving within the war-torn region must work to aid these children who have survived unspeakable horror, loss, and devastation.Youth practitioners serving in the United states with displaced youth from the region, must understand and be sensitive to these experiences in order to provide effective rehabilitative services to survivors.
The civil war in Sudan took place in the early to mid 1980s
The war in Rwanda began 10 years later in the early 1990s
The civil unrest and genocide in Darfur is very much a part of current news and the focus of many humanitarian efforts to bring relief to the region.
It seems as though history keeps repeating itself, with families torn apart, as children who have lost their childhood fight for freedom.
Rwanda, never again, and after Rwanda, what's happening?Not far from RwandaWho's gonna shout for the people living in Darfur?We Want Peace by Emanuel Jal
4. joined a rebel movement that was formed to fight for freedomi didnt understand the politics behind all this 'cause i was only a child War Child by Emanuel Jal
Much of the film contains commentary from political analysts and humanitarian organizations, who provide different perspectives with respect to children serving as soldiers.While this idea is unfathomable to us, it seems that these children volunteered to serve in the SPLA and it gave them structure, purpose, and a sense of belonging to a community, after all that was familiar and safe, losing their homes and their families.This willingness to fight, to risk personal safety, and to kill at such a young age shows the strong desire to be wanted and needed and to survive, together.
Although the actions of these child soldiers is violent in nature, their purpose for fighting is not and it echoes many of the components of the developmental assets we are so familiar with, which foster positive youth development.The ability to be a part of something greater and to have a sense of empowerment are evidenced by their actions and their bravery.To be part of a family, albeit unconventional, and to work together toward a common goal of freedom from oppression.
5. Jal is pictured here with Emma McCune, who rescued him and showed him how to use a computer. She arranged for his escape to safety and to an education in Ethiopia.
He is pictured at left in a refugee camp.His exact age and birthdate are still unknown to this day.In the film his return to Sudan to his hometown to see his father, siblings, and relatives is documented.
i believe I survived for a reason to tell my story to touch livesWar Child by Emanuel Jal


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