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  • 1. Movie Reviews!

2. Genre Horror Comedy Action Sci-fi Rom-com Romance Musical Animation 3. ReviewingYour FavouriteMovieWhat would you usuallyread about in a moviereview? 4. First QuestionQ:What genre is themovie?A:The movie is . 5. Second QuestionQ:Where is it set?A:The movie is set 6. Third QuestionQ:What famous actorswere in the movie?A:. was in the movie. 7. Fourth QuestionQ:Why do you like themovie?A: I like the moviebecause. 8. 1 9. 2 10. 3 11. 4 12. Worksheet Directions Write a review for your favorite movie. You should answer the four questions from the lesson towrite your review. 13. Game Directions: We will use your reviews to play a game. You will be in four teams. One person from the first team will read their review one sentenceat a time. The people from the other teams will have to guess the movie. When you know the answer please stay quiet and raise your hand. If you guess correctly your team will receive one point.