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SUMMARY The story started in 1994, when Ron Clark applied as a teacher in Snowden Elementary School in Aurora, North Carolina. He shared his exceptional knowledge there to his students with his innovative teaching methods where he was greatly appreciated by his students and co-teachers. After four years of teaching there, he decided to choose a greener path trying luck by living in New York. It was difficult to find a job at first. Before working as a teacher he worked as part-time waiter in a restaurant, there he met his friend Marissa Vega, who was also a waitress in the same restaurant. Marissa was always been there for Ron Clark throughout the story. As he was looking for a teaching job in New York he went to Inner Harlem Elementary School and encountered a teacher arguing with his student outside the school, the principal of the school, Principal Turner went out to fix the commotion. The teacher quit his job and gave Ron the chance to replace the teacher. Principal Turners job security depends on good test scores that is why he assigned him in the honors class, but Ron refused and offered to take over the most disadvantaged class. The class that already had five teachers- all gave up on them but this was a challenge for him. It was not easy to deal with those kind of students at first, they all had different personalities and different stories. Most of them looked tough in school but were fighting their own battle at home. Ron Clark never gave up on them no matter how difficult it is to deal with them even he is sick he made ways to deliver lesson to his students by recording a video. He overcome it all, and made his students pass the exam and not just pass but remarkably scored higher than the honors class. He brought out the best in his students. No one believed in themexcept him.

Teaching for Ron Clark is not a job but its his life.A teacher will do everything for his students to learn.He didnt gave up on his students.He believed that they can be who they want to be.One good deed of a teacher, can change the life of a student FOREVER MORAL VALUES

PERSONAL INSIGHTS This movie made me realize that being a teacher in other country is not that easy, compared here in the Philippines where students view teachers as respected individuals in the society, yet our there they are treated with less importance. But what I learned though is that you can always regain your image because no matter what, YOU ARE A TEACHER, YOU NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR STUDENTS.

I saw in the movie, how powerful a teacher can be in the life of his students. Even though they hated them at first, their teacher brought out the best in them. Ron Clark did change his students for the better, not just that for that school year but for the rest of their life.

Lastly I can say that this movie is one of those movies that will inspire students of today to be better teachers in the future. To realize that being a teacher is really a dedication.That you can change lives. Just like what Mr Clark did to his students. Yes, it is not the easiest job in world but the fulfilment that you will feel afterwards is unimaginable. I learned a lot from Mr Clark, I admire him, for his patience, efforts, his knowledge, his techniques and his love for his students. Not all teachers can endure that, I cant even imagine someone can survive to that situation, but he proved everyone wrong and left a message to all the teachers and future teachers that we can all do it.

Thank you for watching!