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  • Courier 6 SL

    A high-power analyzer

    The Courier 6 SL is a high-performance member of the Courier on-stream XRF analyzer family for the real-time assaying of slurry process streams. This high-power analyzer system offers unrivalled sensitivity and the shortest cycle times for process management, monitoring and control of all types of mineral processing plants.

    The high performance XRF on-stream slurry analyzer

    State-of-the-art technology

    Integrated automation solutions improve plant ef ciency and thus pro ts. Outotec is the leading supplier of advanced process automation systems, control solutions and intelligent instruments to the mineral and metal processing industries. We are both a market and technology leader, having installed more than 900 on-stream analyzer systems worldwide.

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    Service agreements are available to guarantee analyzer system availability and up-to-date training of site personnel.

    Features of Courier 6 SL

    Unrivalled sensitivityShort cycle timeLower assaying costModular system can be

    tailored for any site





    Timeliness of assays

    The speed of accurate assaying provided by the Courier 6 SL on-stream analyzer enables an immediate reaction to changes in the metallurgical behavior of the otation circuit, while monitoring the effect of such a reaction in real time. Frequent manual sampling, sample preparation and laboratory assays, as required for 24/7 real-time process control, is prohibitively expensive in terms of both manpower and equipment. If assays are based on strongly ltered or averaged measurements over a long period, they cannot be used for process control. A long time delay between actual process changes and the control action makes feedback control unstable and reported process trends misleading.


    Tried and tested Outotec primary samplers are usedto sample process ows. A continuous representative70300 l/min primary sample is circulated through a fast loop to the secondary sampler and back to a convenient return point in the process. A smallerstable secondary sample ow is split off for accurate analysis in a ow cell. The height loss of the primary sample is only 1 meter. Primary samples are not mixed in the analyzer. Controlled sampling option can be used instead of a continuous fast loop. Built-in sample control starts the sample ow once the analyzer is scheduled to measure a speci c sample, or a composite sample cut is required.



    FAST LOOP 70300 l/min


    FLOW CELL 25 l/minMonitoringand







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    Following measurement, the sample line is ushed and sample ow stopped by the analyzer, using remotely controlled valves. This method dramatically improves sample availability, should the process stream contain waste, coarse particles or material which sticks to pipe walls. When required for calibration, the secondary sample stream is cut by a calibration sampler, for comparison with measured intensities after laboratory assaying. The Courier 6 SL sample multiplexers built-in composite samplers can be used to collect statistically valid samples for representative metallurgical accounting when following basic design rules.

    Representativeness of sampling

    Every step from the process stream to X-ray uorescence analysis must be taken into accountwhen considering the representativeness of samplesused for assaying. Low energy X-ray uorescence radiation travels only a short distance in the slurry,typically about 1 mm. Thus, the sample at the surface of the analyzer window must represent the whole process ow for accurate on-stream assays. Outotecs patented JetCell technology ensures that a fresh representative sample reaches the critical area for analysis.

    What can a Courier analyzer do for you?

    Sampling and analysis are performed automatically in the same consistent way around the clock. This creates savings in assaying costs and metallurgical sampling.

    Recoveries are improved, as process upsets are detected early and solved rapidly. Frequent assays are necessary for real-time process monitoring and control.

    Concentrate quality is controllable and undesired variations are minimized. Plant operation is optimized with smaller circulating loads resulting in higher throughput.

    Assay accuracy is comparable with a high-quality manual sample-laboratory procedure as Courier on-stream analyzers use the same wavelength dispersive X-ray uorescence (WDXRF) technology as high-performance laboratory analyzers.

    Results from process tests and changes are readily available, which motivates and speeds up process development.

    Modular Courier analyzer systems can be easily upgraded and expanded as plant requirements change.







  • MainFeed


    Primary RougherConcentrate









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    If you can float it, we can control it!Flash flotation control

    Monitoring the grinding circuit ash otation concentrate grade helps to produce high-grade concentrate, which is easy to clean or mix directly with nal concentrate, providing signi cant overall recovery improvements.

    Primary rougher flotation control

    Monitoring the primary rougher concentrate grade is critical for the production of high-grade concentrate, which can often be added to the nal concentrate.

    Rougher control

    The rest of the otation circuit is much easier to run if the rougher section is working properly. Roughers should produce optimal grade rougher concentrate with an acceptable recovery rate.

    Rougher tails must be monitored for recovery control. If the rougher tail grade is too high, there is often insuf cient scavenger circuit capacity to prevent recovery loss. Concentrate grade is controlled by otation cell air, level and reagents. The optimal concentrate grade depends on the feed grade, mineralogy, circulating loads and other circuit parameters. On-stream analysis is vital for optimizing rougher concentrate production.

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    AT Analysis sample points

    LT Level sensor

    FT Flow sensor

    LC Level controller

    FC Flow controller

    pH pH sensor

    Particle sizedensity

    Reagent setpoint Air setpoint Cell level setpoint

    Reagent Air

    Cell level











    Cleaner control

    Maintaining nal product quality is critical, while keeping an eye on circulating loads in the cleaner section. The Courier system is able to measure low assays of penalty elements in the presence of a high main element grade to ensure consistent production of the best quality concentrate.

    Scavenger control

    Since the rougher tails are already controlled based on the Courier assays, the scavengers simply lower the nal tails assay. Accurate tails assay is important for recovery monitoring and requires a highly sensitive and accurate analyzer. The scavenger concentrate assay is monitored to keep the circulation under control.

    Basic flotation circuit control loops

    Typical basic control loops used for otation control are illustrated below. Successful assay control requires that the key operating parameters of a otation machine be managed. Basic control loop setpoints are determined by the process operator or an expert system. The Outotec Advanced Control Tools package (ACT) can be used to optimize plant operation (see below for an example of a typical grade-recovery optimization scheme).

    Frothmaster 2FrothMaster 2 froth measurements can be used to complement Courier on-stream analyzer assays for optimal control of otation.

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    Courier 6 SL Analyzer System


    The Courier 6 SL analyzer probe combines the high-performance wavelength and economic energy consumption of dispersive X-ray uorescence methods in a unique and cost-effective way. The analyzer has an automatic reference measurement for instrument stability and self-diagnostics, while the analyzer probe contains the core analytical components of the analyzer in an IP56 rated (NEMA 4X-compliant) stainless steel enclosure.

    Calibration sampling

    The built-in calibration sampler enables an operator to take a truly representative and repeatable sample from the measured slurry for comparative laboratory assays. The calibration data can be read from the analyzer into the Management Station for the Outocal calibration program.

    NLA launder primary samplerwith mechanical cutter cleaner

    Secondary sampler

    Probe and sampling control Analyzer probe

    PSA pressure pipe primarysampler for pump outlet

    Primary sampling

    A representative sample of the process stream is sent to the multiplexer for secondary sampling, a range of proven Outotec primary samplers being available for various situations. The low head required by the Courier 6 SL analyzer usually allows transportation of sample ows by gravity without the need for pumping. Entire, small process ows can be fed through the analyzer secondary sampling system without sampling. Depending on the process requirements, the primary sample ow can be continuous, with or without automatic periodic ushing. Alternatively, the sample ow can be stopped and the delivery line ushed automatically between samples. Con


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