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The presentation at OpenStack design summit (colony session)on 18th of April, 2012.


  • 1. Intercloud object storage: colony- Trial to use swift 2012.4.18 @jxtain wide area network - Shigetoshi Yokoyama National Institute of Informatics
  • 2. Cloud projects @ NII 1
  • 3. Goal: academic community cloud NII CloudAcademicCommunity Cloud Education Cloud Univ.-X Cloud Univ. -A Cloud Univ.-B Cloud Research Cloud Intercloud services Science Information Network 2
  • 4. Colony and dodai in a scenarioVMI: Virtual Machine ImageVM: Virtual Machines VMI colony VMI Launch machine imagesVirtualMachines VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM IaaS IaaS IaaS IaaS Cluster Cluster Cluster Cluster dodaiPhysicalMachines SINET (L2VPN) 3
  • 5. Colony 4
  • 6. Intercloud object storage service Colony is a project which Nova federates cloud object storage services, like swift Glance Swift for intercloud Swift to realize intercloud object storage service. use Swift for intercloud use Swift forNova Swift for Swift local use intercloud Glance use Glance Swift Nova Swift for intercloud use 5
  • 7. Users points of view Cloud Services Cloud-B Object B1-1 Cloud-A Container B1 Container B2 Container B3 Object B1-2 Object B1-3 Object A1-1 Swift-B Object I1-1 Container A1 Object A1-2 Inter-cloud Container I1 Object I1-2 Container A2 Object A1-3 Inter-cloud Container I8 Object I1-3 Swift-A Container A3 Inter-cloud Container I10 Inter-cloud Container I1 Object I4-1 Inter-cloud Container I4 Object I4-2 Inter-cloud Container I13 Object I4-3 Geographically Inter-cloud Container Object I1-1 Object I1-2 Distributed I1 Inter-cloud Container I2 Object I1-3 Swift-I Inter-cloud Container I3 Inter-cloud Container I4 Object I4-1 Object I4-2 Object I4-3 Inter-cloud object storage service : colony 6
  • 8. Colony realizes the federation Shibboleth IdP Authenticate with Shibboleth IdP Cloud-A User Colony Apache mod_wsgi mod_shib Colony-horizon Colony-keystone Colony-dispatcher Squid Provide seamless access to Slapd Ubuntu multiple swifts Swift Swift Swift-I Colony-Keystone Colony-Keystone Swift-A Slapd Slapd 7
  • 9. Developed software components in colony Colony-Horizon based on diablo/stable Horizon with some enhancements Multi-region support Users can choose which swift is used to store/retrieve objects Swift Containers ACL ,metadata support Swift Objects metadata support >5G segment upload support Colony-Keystone based on diablo/stable Keystone with some enhancements Authenticate with Shibboleth %{tanant_name} can be used for endpointTemplates in addition to %{tenant_id} for federating cloud services Colony-Dispatcher - new Relay requests to multiple object services (and merge response for clients) Relay requests to a specific object service indicated by URI Choose the nearest swift-proxy server to relay requests Copy objects among different swifts Utilities - new Tools to make admin task easier to provide the federation of object storage services 8
  • 10. Colony-horizonUsers can choose swift Swift -I Swift -A 9
  • 11. Colony keystone Shibboleth IdP Modifications to keystone Add ePPN field to keystone schema ADD rest api services to create token by ePPN (/token_by/eppn) and email address(/token_by/email) (/ /email) Add a rest api service to register/update ePPN (/users/{user_id}/eppn) (/users/{1. ID/passwd 2. Attribute: ePPN, mail_addr 0-1. User registration by mail_addr 0-2 . Associate ePPN to mail_addr by