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  1. 1. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Innovation in the Enterprise with OpenStack Nicolas Keller Technology Strategist
  2. 2. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies How can Dell IT take advantage of new and emerging technologies to create measurable business value? Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  3. 3. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Andis Direction Incubate on Steroids. Own the strategy for Dell on Dell, mobility, BYOD, user experience, collaboration, devices, new standards, and connected workplace. Demonstrate thought leadership and strategic vision for the organization. There needs to be a business case and value to the business for the incubations We need a transition model from incubation to production. Prove-out when a full-shift to the Cloud is the right move for Dell IT. Build an effective communication model that demonstrates consistent progress Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  4. 4. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Corporate concerns Security and legal issues Data loss Risk management Increasing regulatory requirements Changing environment Proliferation of personal devices in the workplace Increasingly tech savvy workforce Higher user expectations Mobile and remote workforce The conflict Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  5. 5. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies User Experience Leverage Dell products, partners and strategic vendors to provide a world-class user experience for all of our employees. Give users the ability to use the tools of their choice to securely connect to the Dell network. Provide stable and secure solutions to fit the needs of the users. Build a User Community to help guide decisions and provide direct feedback from our users Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  6. 6. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies A Few Accomplishments in the Last Year Standard Device Refresh Our new device standards improve the user experience by providing our users with a choice of standard devices. Users can chose their device based on job roles. Initial results show savings of $100 per device ordered, primarily due to reductions in non- standard orders. The IT Innovation Lab is a private cloud-based lab, built on Dell hardware and software, designed to host proofs of concept and innovation projects. The lab offers autonomous self- provisioning, and compute resource deploy takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish. The new App Portal is the central hub for Dell IT- approved consumer and enterprise apps. The portal is a unique tool that helps Dell employees discover productivity apps. 1,500 team members are using apps from the portal. IT Innovation Lab Enterprise App Portal The new corporate device standards offer a modern smartphone experience, including native email and calendar apps, as well as the thousands of apps available for Windows Phone 8 and Android. IT migrated 5,500+ users to new devices. Corporate Smartphone Refresh
  7. 7. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies How to Innovate
  8. 8. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Concept overview Business needs Technology/m arket assessment Initial business case Technology qualification Evaluation criteria Updated business case Observations and lessons learned Evaluation criteria User feedback Refined business case Observations and lessons learned Requirements Migration Scaling requirements Operations and support We execute our incubations in a four phase process: 1. Inception 2. Proof of Concept 3. Pilot 4. Transition Incubation Process Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Business case driven process Inception PoC Pilot Transition
  9. 9. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Technology Strategists Identify innovations and disruptive technologies in the marketplace Evaluate how emerging technologies should impact our IT and business strategies Provides strategic insight for executive decision making Provides direction and oversight for design activities Technical strategists coordinate, run, and manage initial proof-of-concepts and technical assessments Rotational opportunities for Dell IT team members Strategic thinker Passionate about technology Business knowledge & experience Articulate Executive presence
  10. 10. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Gather ideas from the user community through crowdsourced discussions and interviews Engage users through voting, commenting, and gamification Popular ideas are presented to leadership and developed into formal projects Innovation Generation Dell IT | Emerging Technologies IdeaGeneration Community Voting Project Proposal & Implementation
  11. 11. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Private Cloud
  12. 12. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Demonstrate the benefits of a software- defined infrastructure Efficiency Security User Experience Dell on Dell Dell Hardware and Software Red Hat / Dell OpenStack partnership Complement Existing Ecosystem VMware based ecosystem OpenStack Goals Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  13. 13. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Multi Cloud Manager FogLight User Experience Dell Active System Manager FogLight for Virtualization Hardware Software Dell PowerEdge Servers Dell Data Center Networking SonicWall Network & Data Security Best of Breed cloud & virtualization platforms Cloud Incubation Exploring and validating: Flexibility of on-demand Compute, Network and Storage Security of a Private Cloud Enabled by: Software-defined Compute, Network and Storage infrastructure Proven by key use cases: Large scale archive storage Software development Incubation work Dell IT | Emerging Technologies
  14. 14. Dell IT | Emerging TechnologiesDell IT | Emerging Technologies Today Demonstrated Private Cloud efficiencies Archive Cost Reduction with object storage Managed Self Service Deploying a stable OpenStack Red Hat OpenStack Platform 4 Havana based HA controller farm Use Nova Networking rather than Neutron Use Dell Storage as a Volume provider for Cinder Separated Object Storage To better match use cases
  15. 15. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Path to success Dell IT | Emerging Technologies Service Orchestration Network Resources Compute Resources Storage Resources Resource Abstraction & Control Provision Policy Lifecycle Notification Service Catalog Service User/Group Service Physical Infra. Monitoring Monitoring and Analytics Finance Integration ITSM Integration Identity Management Partner with Red Hat Define an IT ready OpenStack Stability rather than features Partner with IT Operations Define Service Orchestration VMware Integration Tighten technology readiness Integrating Service Management 1st Resource Abstraction & Control 2nd Service Orchestration 3rd Service Management
  16. 16. Dell IT | Emerging Technologies