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Building True Hybrid clouds; Extending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry.


  • 1. True Hybrid CloudsExtending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry OpenStack Cloud Foundry

2. Founder and former PPB member of OpenStack Director of Development, Rackspace Cloud VP, HP OpenStack Cloud CTO, Appfog (Open Cloud PaaS) on Twitter 3. Hybrid Clouds What?Two or more clouds, having the following characteristics:a. Usually a public cloud paired with a private cloud deploymentb. Enabling cloud bursting scenarios and use casesc. Own the core, rent the spikesd. Applications tied to capabilities/services of the cloud providerVertical hybrid products, a single vendor provides both clouds 4. Hybrid Clouds Wouldnt It Be Nice?Java: Write Once (in Java), Run EverywhereTrue Hybrid Clouds: Write Once (in any language and runtime), Run Everywhere (in the Cloud)Easily scale applications to meet the demand loadHave true workload portability across the CloudHorizontal Hybrid products, seamless integration of multiple Cloud providers 5. Hybrid Clouds Use Cases Build (dev/test) and deploy (production) applications efficiently &economically Traditional Cloud bursting Data Center Consolidation Allowing insight, control, and governance over shadow IT High Availability and Redundancy of Applications Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Business dictates cloud topology & usage 6. Aspirations of Workload PortabilityGovernance/Proposed/ImageFormatsTime: 2011-01-14 16:40:23Drafter: John PurrierStatus: Proposed to the POCImage Formats and workload portability in OpenStack. OVF as the standard VM Disk Image exchange format No preferred or default virtual disk format Glance extended to provide cross-cloud exchange &virtual appliance conversion capabilities. 7. (turns out to be a really hard problem) 8. Great Strides Quantum Software Defined Network project Keystone Identity & Authorization projectBuilding blocks to true federation across clouds.However, no current solution for workload portabilityacross heterogeneous clouds. Different hypervisors Different physical topologies (# NICs, etc.) Different levels of API compatibility Different types of service deployments 9. Whats a cat herder to do? 10. Extending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry Open Platform as a Service project Open Source, Apache 2.0 License Freely Available on GitHub ( an Infrastructure neutral application runtimeenvironment.The Cloud Foundry API provides a defacto-standard PaaS API.This API can even be layered over other PaaS clouds to provideseamless access and workload motion. For instance the workAppFog & Microsoft have done to integrate Azure. 11. Extending OpenStack with Cloud Foundry 12. Cloud Foundry Design Fail Fast & Self Healing Horizontally Scaling Components Loosely coupled, distributed state No single point of failure HA as a design point Eventually consistent system 13. Demo 14. Often Talked About,Seldom Seen 15. Thank You!