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  • 1. CompatibleOne and OpenStackIntroduction and Live Demonstration at theOpenStack Conference and Design SummitCedric Thomas, OW2Denis Caromel, INRIA-ActiveEonApril 2011

2. OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org2 3. OW2 Consortium 2011 3 4. Bull Obeo BeiHang France Telecom Open WideUniversity INRIARequeaBerlin TU-DIMA CSTC Bonitasoft Scalagent Fraunhofer Fokus CVIC-SE Charles University Serli Tarent ISCASExo Platform EADS Sogeti NUDTBonitasoft EBMWebsoursing Telecom Institut PekingFunambol Edifixio Ubikis UniversityJaspersoft IceScrum UsahreSoft Intervision LIGXwikiCharles U.O-EngineIngresOrbeon Nuxeo TongtechRed HatEterationTalendZagileEngineering4Linux C-DACCaixaDishana SolutionsKonsultexNeocicloSERPROUni. of FortalezaUni. of Sao Paulo OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org4 5. Mature Projects Some 80(37)Acceleo JOTMASM Lomboz ProjectsBonitaOpen Mobile ISCARDAMOMOPSCAROL OrchestraCLIFPEtALSEnhydra ProActiveShark RmiJdbcEasyBeans RUBiSeXo PlatformSalome-TMFFederID Sat4JFractal SOFAsync4jSpagicGASPSpagoInterLDAP Spago4QJavaService SpagoBIJOnAS TelosysJOPEXWikiProjects in ArchiveJORAMProjects in Incubation(26) (23)AzukiMassiv Aspire RFID JASptE JWTGenBarracudaMVC MEDOR BEENC-JDBC MobiliTools CMI LeWYS NovaForge DotNetJMonolog DemoiselleDryverlOdette FTP DragonOpenSuit OSLCEclipseJDO Oscar Dream Enhydra XMLC ParGRES Dysoweb Perseus Q-ImPrESS GOTM SNAP EasyWSDLHOWL Speedo Elastic-GridScarbo Ubistar Introspector SURF FraSCAtiJalistoTribe J2WSxPlus Jonathan XAPool JASMINe JORM XQuare OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org5 6. Community GovernanceCodeBase Activities MembershipFees OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org6 7. OW2 Consortium 2011 7 8. BullCohesive FT Free Cloud AllianceFrance TelecomINRIAPetalsinkEdifixio BeiHangEMN Berlin TU-DIMA UniversityOrange Labs Fraunhofer Fokus CVIC-SETelacom Institut ISCASExo PlatformXWikiNUDTBonitasoft PekingJaspersoft UniversityIngres Charles U.O-EngineTalendEngineeringKonsultexNeocicloUni. of FortalezaUni. of Sao Paulo OW2 Consortium 2011 8 9. OSCi by Domains1 Self-sizing & Green PaaSImprove overall platform efficiency2 Enable interoperability between heterogeneousInteroperable Distributed Services service domains/clouds3 BI 4 CloudProvide BI capabilities for and over cloud4MassivelyEnable next generation cloud architectureDistributed Clouds OW2 Consortium 2011 10. OW2 projects3rd party projectsVISION & GOALSSTAKEHOLDERS1- Self-Sizing andGreen PaaSOW2 Members2- Interoperable CollaborativeNon-Membersdistributedservices projects IndustryEnd-Users3- BI 4 CloudAcademia4- MassivelyDistributed GovernmentClouds Initiative bedrock OW2 Consortium 11. OW2 Consortium 2011 11 12. Industry Academia Clusters OW2 Consortium 2011 12 13. Use cases Documentation managementEnable application Collaborative applicationsdeployment over a Distributed remote 3Dfederation of cloudsrenderingCloud architecture Compilation, analysis andabstraction testing of the MandrivaReference distributionimplementation Accounting and billing Physical platform migration OW2 Consortium 2011www.ow2.org13 14. T0+4+10 +12 +16+20 +24 1. Specifications4. Platform Integration2. IaaS Development3.Development 6. Validation(PaaS, Use Cases, Security) 5. End of development IntegrationM1:Architecture, Use Cases,Interfaces Definition QualityM2:M4:& Security modelingIaaS 1st version (POC) Operational PlatformM6:FinalIntegration ,Evaluation, Tests &ValidationM3:1st implementation of: - Use Cases (IaaS), M5:- Quality & Security modeling, End of development:- Billing, All components integrated1st version of the PaaS services on the Platform OW2 Consortium 2011 14 15. OW2 Consortium 2011 15 16. OW2 Consortium 2011 16 17. OW2 Consortium 2011 17 18. OW2 ProActive Deploying OpenStack nodes OW2 Consortium 2011 18 19. OW2 Consortium 2011 19 20. OW2 ProActive Workflow Studio OW2 Consortium 2011 20 21. OW2 ProActive Resourcing OW2 Consortium 2011 21 22. SummaryGlobal open source community forinfrastructure softwareUnique community effort for opensource cloud computingFast-tracking the development ofopen source cloudware stackOW2 support for OpenStack startswith OW2 Proactive: live demo! OW2 Consortium 2011 www.ow2.org22 23. OW2 Consortium 2011 23