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Colin McNamara and Sean Roberts talk on OpenStack community based open source education.


  • 1. 877.286.39871 OpenStack Training Lowering the barrier to entry for OpenStack Connected VSPEXTM Connected VSPEXTM Colin McNamara Chief Cloud Architect Nexus / Dimension Data OPEN@NEXUS Sean Roberts OpenStack Release Mgr Yahoo OpenStack@Yahoo

2. 877.286.398722 Sean Roberts - CoFounder OpenStack Foundation Board member Leader of SF Bay OpenStack Core - OpenStack Manuals Co-Founder OpenStack Training Former Stanford SLAC Chief Infrastructure Architect Yahoo Now accelerating the Yahoo through the market through Software Maturity (TDD) 3. 877.286.398733 Colin McNamara - CoFounder CCIE / VCP / OpenStack Contributor Serial instigator for OpenStack Community Core - OpenStack Manuals Co-Founder OpenStack Training Linux user since 98 VMware user since 99 Founder and maintainer of an awesome beard, and an amazing family 4. 877.286.39874 Why did we do this? 5. 877.286.398755 Challenge we both faced in business 6. 877.286.398766 OpenStack Training - Goals Align to the upcoming Certification program Increase the hiring pool of talented engineers enable underrepresented & econnomically disadvantaged groups to develop marketable skills 7. 877.286.398777 OpenStack Training - Goals Lower the barrier to entry of OpenStack Increase accuracy and usability of docs Create survivable, usable content in the world of a 6 month release cycle 8. 877.286.398788 We decided to fix this ourseles 9. 877.286.39879 Course Structure 10. 877.286.39871010 Location 11. 877.286.39871111 Program Structure Openstack associate engineer Openstack operations engineer Openstack development engineer Openstack DevOps architect 12. 877.286.39871212 focus Seeing the baby be born and grow up 13. 877.286.39871414 Current Challenge 14. 877.286.39871515 Methods 15. 877.286.39871616 Delivery Methods OpenStackTraining Self Paced Book Corporate Instructor Led Community Instructor Led 16. 877.286.39871717 Methods Avoid Content going stale 6M release cycle kills books Create structure for surviving that cycle Re-Use Code Engage End-Users 17. 877.286.39871818 Methods Open Source Training 18. 877.286.39871919 Methods Treat training like source code Run it like its own project Continuously Integrated Using same XML as docs Focus on code re-use Using Agile Methodologies Scrum-ban Trello 19. 877.286.39872020 Status Current Supporters 20. 877.286.39872222 Challenges 21. 877.286.39872323 Engaging end users to receive training 22. 877.286.39872424 Challenging the establishment 23. 877.286.39872525 Challenges / Lessons Learned - Infrastructure Project infrastructure Repositories CI Systems Standards Wiki's Kanban tools Meeting structure / Schedules 24. 877.286.39872626 Challenges / Lessons Learned Corporate Support is essential OpenStack 92% Corporate Training 80% Individual 9-5 work is critical 25. 877.286.39872727 Whats Next? 26. 877.286.39872828 Call to Action Contributors Count Always need more contributors Small work matters 2 cards a week = 1 week less work 27. 877.286.39872929 Call to Action Need Proctors Need Students Need quality bugs and feedback Need more contributors USE IT, Share it, Add to it - GET TRAINING 28. 877.286.398730 Open Discussion Lets look at the training!! @colinmcnamara / @sarob