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Create a simple marketing action plan for your business in less than one hour - on a single sheet of paper. Ideal for solopreneurs: coaches, consultants, speakers, wellness practitioners and freelancers.


  • 1. The One Page Marketing Action Plan One page. One hour. Done.
  • 2. Setting up for success Paper + pen Post-it notes Water or tea Close down distractions Watch the video & download the worksheet here:
  • 3. Is this you? Lots of activity, not enough PROGRESS Lots of vision, not enough ACTION Complicated plans No plan at all
  • 4. The problem with planning We dont KNOW! How people will respond If it will work What we dont see (the future!) Things CHANGE Our actions cause changes New technology WE grow and change
  • 5. And yet If you dont know where youre goinghow will you get there?
  • 6. You don't have to see the whole staircase, to take the first step. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 7. Our mission today Create a plan that will Show your destination Outline the path to get there Provide your immediate next steps
  • 8. You can use this system to plan your entire life
  • 9. Today: focus on your business
  • 10. Updating your plan? Set aside the old one and start fresh
  • 11. Put on your business owner/CEO hat This is working ON, not IN your business Dont let fear or doubt get in the way
  • 12. What makes this process work
  • 13. Limited Space Prevents over- complicating
  • 14. Limited Time Prevents over- thinking
  • 15. Think fast + DO (access your intuition)
  • 16. Not carved in stone
  • 17. Download the worksheet here: One Page Marketing Action Plan
  • 18. 3 Year Vision 3 years from now: looking back on an AWESOME year A stretch that you feel is achievable (not a fantasy) Yearly income Number of clients, contact list size, blog/newsletter readership What are you doing? How much time are you working? (Long vacations, short hours or weeks?) How large is your company? (Just you?) Where do you serve? Locally? Internationally? Reputation? Recognition? Completed projects
  • 19. Checking In How was that? What did you notice? (Feeling a combination of excited + scared means youre on the right track!)
  • 20. One year goals The Gap Where you are now (last year) Where you want to be in 3 year vision What is about one third of the way there?
  • 21. Example (established business) Now (last year) $100, 000 Goal (3 years) $250, 000 One Year $150,000 Two Years $200,000
  • 22. Example (just starting out) Now (last year) Nothing! Goal (3 years) $100, 000 One Year $25,000 Two Years $65,000
  • 23. One year goals How much income? How many clients? List size: contacts, subscribers Completed projects. (Program. Website. Book.) Business and marketing systems. (Preparing for future growth and success)
  • 24. Checking In If you achieved these goals, would you be on track for 3 years? (Hint: if the answer isnt yes you need to adjust your goals or your vision)
  • 25. The bridge from vision to action
  • 26. Projects (6 Months) List all the projects you need to complete in order to achieve your one year goal
  • 27. Huh!?
  • 28. Whats a project? Group of tasks Size is up to you 1 day? 3 months?
  • 29. Types of projects Action projects Research projects (what are the options? Which do I choose?) Learning projects (how do I do this?) Planning projects (what are all the steps?) Practices: things to do on a regular basis
  • 30. Marketing Stranger who needs your services Happy paying client
  • 31. Marketing Lead Generation
  • 32. Marketing Conversion
  • 33. Marketing Retention
  • 34. Sales Funnel
  • 35. Project suggestions based on where youre at with your business List ALL the projects you think would help you reach your 12 month goal. (Dont worrywell reduce the list later!)
  • 36. Just getting started? Service packages & prices Ideal Client Profile Sales Process Tracking system
  • 37. Good at sales but not enough leads? Lead generation projects Networking Social media Speaking Affiliate & referral Mailing list Advertising
  • 38. Lots of leads but few sales? Conversion projects Ladder of offerings Ideal Client Profile Sales Process Follow up systems Website content and sales pages Mailing list (MailChimp) Online Marketing Intensive
  • 39. Lots of customers, few repeats Retention projects Develop additional offerings (ladder) Customer service Follow up/database keep in touch program
  • 40.