#nomadtalks 2: find, validate and conquer niche markets for solopreneurs

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  • Niche MarketsJes Black, Founder

  • Your Brand Doesn't Appeal to Everyone

  • What Defines TRUMPolitics 1. Know Your Audience- Very select crowd of voters who want to hear his message2. Know Your Brand- Your brand doesnt have to appeal to everyone 3. Be Audacious- Bold and ballsy, with a take-no-prisoners attitude4. Trust Yourself (not "experts")- Don't be afraid, the "experts" suffer from "group-think"5. No Apologies

  • People THINK they know BEER

    "The biggest difference between beers is how they are marketed"

  • Revolution in Niche Market

  • WantsTrendsFrustrationsFind Your Niche MarketMobile AppsWaste of TimeInstant Satisfaction

  • Find Your Niche Market

  • How is 1EuroBeer a Niche? 1. Audience- Tired of Crowdsourced Reviews, Bad Groupon Deals, 50% off but $$$2. Brand- One Person, One 33 cl Beer, One Euro3. Audacious- Refer 3 friends get 1 FREE beer4. Trust Yourself (not "experts")- Restaurants mark up the alchohol but discount the food. What???5. Authenticity- Not trying to be the next Tripadvisor, or Yelp or Whatever...

  • Presentation Title Company informationThe World Needs YourIdeas

  • Presentation Title Company information

  • Presentation Title Company information

  • Create an informative message capable of reflecting your customer and your business

    Follow Up: Ask customers Important Questions

  • Be an Authority, Have a Website

  • Really? About ME ? YES.

    You as an Authority IS YOUR BRAND

    & AUTHORITY is the New Marketing

  • What do I Talk About ? Content > SEO

    Content = Authority

    Authority is built over Time

    Trust leads to Sales

  • Presentation Title Company informationExample/1eurobeer.com Meetup / User + ContentBeta User Signups

    Content for App Blog

    Continued Learning


  • Presentation Title Company information

  • Thanks, How do I Make More Money ?Passion +Niche ContentBusiness Plan StrategyPricing LTV > CACBuild Great ExperienceExpand Incrementally

  • What's in a Business Model Anyway?Biz Model Analysis

    1) Value Proposition

    2) Business Model

    3) Pricing Stragety

  • What's in a Business Model Anyway?Business Model is as important as Product and Value Proposition

    Shows How you arrive to value proposition

  • Strategic Pricing

  • Strategic PricingSales & marketing program is really a Price + Strategy

    Strategic Pricing puts both together to find way to monetize goals

  • Leverage Your LCV > CACLife Time Value (3x) > Cost

  • Measure LTV vs CACMeasure LTV & ChurnLife Time Value = 1 / Churn Rate %

    Example: Churn 5%Life Time is 1/.05% = 20

  • Example of LTV CalculationLTV = Avg MRR / Churn

    Example: Product = 30

    Churn = 5%; LTV = 30/.05LTV = 600 (1/3) CAC = 200

  • Build a Great ExperienceMust Create a Great Experience. More than just your Product.

    Brand is Outcome First & Then ExpectationsUX , Perform, Service

  • Niche is NiceNicheService, UXAuthorityBrandingPricing+Marketing

  • Sign Up ForBeta Testing:)1EuroBeer.com