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    The Actuary

    theactuarymagazine.org | APR/MAY 18

    APR 18




    The challenges of climate change

    Moving past the debate

    Double threat

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    APR 18 MAY





    22 THE CHALLENGES OF CLIMATE CHANGE The global actuarial response to the difficulties of climate change By Yves Guerard

    28 OBSERVING MOTHER NATURE A look at severe weather events in a changing climate By Stephanie C. Herring

    34 THE VULNERABLE Why actuaries need to develop new tools, techniques and insights to provide a reliable guide to navigate the effects of future climate developments By Sam Gutterman

    42 APPROACHING RESPONSIBLE INVESTING Barbara Zvan-Watson of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan on what climate change means to institutional investing Interview by Robert Brown

    48 MOVING PAST THE DEBATE The U.K. approach to resource and environment issues in actuarial work By Kenneth Donaldson

    56 DOUBLE THREAT The impact of climate change on human health By Jesse E. Bell

    62 AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER Q&A with Tatcha Ayana, FSA, CERA, P&C actuary

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    GUEST EDITORIAL Eat Responsibly: How an actuary learned that plant-based, whole foods are better for the climate and your health

    INCLUSIVE IDEAS A Multipronged Approach to Removing Barriers

    EDUCATION New SOA University Programs to Benefit Students

    RESEARCH Strategic Research Programs: Q&A with Sara W. Goldberg and R. Dale Hall

    DISCOVER Navigating Trends: Innovative resources and professional development opportunities to help you become a better actuary and leader

    TIMELESS The Past, Present and Future of the SOA










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  • 6 APR/MAY 18 | theactuarymagazine.org

    The Actuary

    Connecting With the Strategic Plan

    H ave you ever wondered how or why the Society of Actuaries (SOA) makes decisions about curriculum changes or industry disruptors like InsurTech? The answer is our Strategic Plan. The SOA Board of Directors approved the current plan (2017–2021), and it is our organization’s guide to help make decisions. As members, you also can use it to provide insight into future proj- ects and investments the SOA makes.

    We don’t expect members to memorize the Strategic Plan areas, but we encourage everyone to be familiar with it. Visit SOA.org/strategicplan to view details on the mission, vision and current initiatives the SOA Board is working on right now.

    Now, the question is: How do we bring it to life? The answer is through you as an actuary. The Strategic Plan states, “SOA’s creden- tials are prestigious, relevant and globally recognized.” One way members can demonstrate this is to help spread the word about the actuarial profession. Volunteer to speak at a local school career fair or math classroom. The SOA has presenta- tions and handouts to assist you with these

    The SOA keeps actuaries at the forefront of evolving methods for solving complex business problems.

    activities. Learn more about the updated ASA, FSA and CERA curriculum pathways (pathways.SOA.org) and share with employers and colleagues.

    With the changes in the SOA curriculum for associates and fellows, there is an added emphasis on predictive analytics for future actuaries. But what about for members? The Strategic Plan says, “The SOA keeps actuaries at the forefront of evolving methods for solving complex business problems.” Predictive analytics is an important example of such evolving methods. In addition to continu- ing professional development sessions and webcasts, the SOA offers the 2018 Predictive Analytics Symposium and the Predictive Analytics Certificate Program, offered twice this year. Members may also consider participating in the SOA-sponsored Kaggle Involvement Program, which is a competition to showcase the predictive analytics work of actuaries. More details on the Kaggle program will be available later this year.  

    The SOA Strategic Plan looks to “continuously identify, analyze and prioritize responses to environmental changes in a timely manner.” Members can assist the SOA with this, too. See a trend forming that could impact the SOA or the profession? Let the SOA know by completing the Environmental Scanning Observation form, which will go straight to our Issues Advisory Council (IAC). Taking a few moments to send your observations can help the SOA identify new challenges and opportunities.


    http://www.soa.org/strategicplan https://pathways.soa.org http://www.soa.org/prof-dev/events/2018-predictive-analytics-symposium/ http://www.soa.org/strategic-planning/environmental-observations/

  • 7 theactuarymagazine.org | APR/MAY 18

    The Actuary

    Do you have individuals who provide support for your actuarial team? If so, consider sharing information about the certified actuarial analyst (CAA) qualification with your employer and colleagues. As part of our strategic plan “to deliver actuarial education that anticipates stake- holders’ changing expectations,” the SOA formed a joint venture, CAA Global, with the Institute and Faculty of Actu