obama’s brain initiative and multidisciplinary education

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Obamas Brain Initiative and Multidisciplinary Education. Juyang (John) Weng Computer Sci., Neurosci., Cognitive Sci. Michigan State University East Lansing, MI 49924 USA weng@msu.edu. Brain Initiatives. 4/2/2013 Obama announced his brain initiative To get a dynamic picture of the brain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


TUTORIAL Computational Brain-Mind: Development, Architecture, Area, Space, Time, and Modulation

Obamas Brain Initiative andMultidisciplinary Education

Juyang (John) WengComputer Sci., Neurosci., Cognitive Sci.Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing, MI 49924 USAweng@msu.eduIJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityBrain Initiatives4/2/2013 Obama announced his brain initiativeTo get a dynamic picture of the brainTo better understand how we think, learn and remember$100M/year plus $94M/year from private partnersEU has announced the Human Brain ProjectChina is preparing its own brain project

IJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityThe US President and BRAIN Obama : This is a Nation of dreamers and risk-takers. We do not just track the best scientists and entrepreneursWe have not unlocked the mystery of 3 pounds of matter that sits between our ears Better understand how we think, how we learn, and how we remember. Presumably we life would be simpler here. It would, could explain everything going on in Washington. (laughs)IJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityWhat is Required for the BRAIN Project? Foremost: address the group intelligence problemIt is not that humans do not have sufficient information about how the brain worksEnough information is out there in the vast literatureIndividual humans are blinded by the lack of group intelligence in the human raceIJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityBrain-Mind InstituteIJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityBMI 831Cognitive Sciencefor Brain-Mind ResearchInstructor 2013:Juyang Weng

Brain-Mind InstituteIJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityBMI 871Introduction to ComputationalBrain-Mind Instructor 2013:Juyang Weng

IJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State UniversityResistance to Understanding the BrainFrom government branchesFrom neuroscienceFrom cognitive science or psychologyFrom computer scienceFrom electrical engineeringFrom mathematicsIJCNN 2013 Education Panel#Michigan State University


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