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  • Our work on community dynamics 'Social Lifes overvejelser omrking dynamikker i

    (lokal)samfund' Realdania, Roundtable discussion, Part 1

    13 March 2015

  • We continue to build and renew neighbourhoods that then fail to thrive as flourishing communities

  • Where are the people?

  • The first question: what is a community?

    Source: Egan Review 2004

  • Belonging


    Social sustainability


    Community dynamics

  • Resilience: Elephant & Castle shopping centre

  • Chicago heatwave July 1995

    A story of the protective powers of social relationships

  • July 2012 & 13: workshops at University of Chicago: how can digital technology boost community resilience?

  • Neighbourliness: Aylesbury estate, Southwark

  • Belonging: Brixton Green deliberative workshops

  • Belonging feedback loops

    Family & friends

    Power & politics


    Religion & civil society

    Home, neighbourhood

    & physical environment

    Leisure & culture

  • Some questions for you Nogle sprgsml til je

    Does this description of community dynamics make sense in the Danish context?

    Does the way that programmes are set up in marginalised communities take account of the positive role community dynamics can play?

    Can this be useful for taking forward Boligliv i balance

  • Design for social sustainability Design for social bredygtighed

    Realdania, roundtable discussion. Part 2 13 March 2015

  • Belonging


    Social sustainability


    Community dynamics

  • A process for creating sustainable, successful places that promote wellbeing, by understanding what people need from the places they live and work.

    Social sustainability combines design of the physical realm with design of the social world

    infrastructure to support social and cultural life, social amenities, systems for citizen engagement

    and space for people and places to evolve.

    Source: Social Life (2012). Design for Social Sustainability: a framework for creating thriving communities.

  • Voice and Influence

    Space to Grow

    Social and Cultural Life

    Amenities and Social Infrastructure

    Connection to local and

    regional economy

    Green building,

    environmental innovation, incentives

    for pro-environmental


    Our social sustainability framework

  • Pic and v short description

    We have developed a social sustainability measurement framework for The Berkeley Group

  • Empire Square Imperial Wharf

    Knowle Village The Hamptons

  • 2014: benchmarking the Aylesbury estate, Southwark

  • And

    We have just finished a social sustainability toolkit for Sutton Council in South London

  • Bed



    & in


    Amenities & infrastructure Social & Cultural Life Ada



    & R



    Piloted in Beddington

  • 27

    Working in Malm 2012-13: putting people at the centre of placemaking in Lindngen

  • We have learnt that social sustainability is

    A valuable tool for thinking differently about place

    Not fully covered by existing frameworks

    A way of bringing in concepts that challenge conventional views Capable of being understood, quantified & actioned

    An evolving field internationally.

  • @SL_Cities