naked online: how naked pizza and other small businesses use social networking tools

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Examples and best practices of small businesses successfully using social networking to market their businesses and connect with customers. Presented at Parker Public Library, Parker, Colorado, May 2010.


  • 1.Naked Online:How Naked Pizza and other small businesses use social networking tools Scott Brown, Social Information Group May 10, 2010Parker Library, Parker, CO, USA 2010 Social Inf ormation Group1

2. Agenda Overview of the business benefits and marketing applications of some of the current top tools Examples Matching your own style and brand to the right tools Integrating social tools into your existing marketing efforts and workflow Measuring success in using the tools Some final thoughts 2010 Social Inf ormation Group2 3. The Social Networking jumble 2010 Social Inf ormation Group3 4. What do they have in common?ConnectingSharingVisibility 2010 Social Inf ormation Group4 5. What happens when you add compelling content?Community Serendipity Loyalty 2010 Social Inf ormation Group5 6. How are small businesses using them successfully? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 6 7. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group7 8. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group8 9. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group9 10. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group10 11. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group11 12. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group12 13. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group13 14. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group14 15. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group15 16. Why does this work? Create a larger awareness of your business Multiple layers of presence and visibility Virtuous circle of visibility Reinforce branding 3-D brand What else do you do? Personality Drive contacts and sales Drive potential clients to your site and offerings 2010 Social Inf ormation Group16 17. Why should you care? Acquire new customers Listen to your customers Raise awareness of your community efforts and connections Build your community network Raise funding What is your competition doing? 17 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 18. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group18 19. Personal real Transparent Community member Responsible Fun! 2010 Social Inf ormation Group19 20. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group20 21. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group21 22. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group22 23. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group23 24. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group24 25. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group25 26. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group26 27. Business use vs. personal useTone Content 2010 Social Inf ormation Group27 28. The ones well focus on Facebook: Twitter: Blogs WordPress: TypePad: Blogger: 2010 Social Inf ormation Group28 29. What is it? Online business profile and community networking tool Free Descriptive Whats the Integrate photos, video, other information advantage? Build a public community Community forum Gather feedback Where do I find it? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group29 30. How do I get started? Sign up Create a fan page Connect People you know Customers Advertise in your business marketing (website, flyers, advertisements, etc.) 2010 Social Inf ormation Group30 31. Blogs What are Online journals a place to share information,expertise, viewpoints, etc. they? Personal publishing Generally free Great if you like to write less formal Whats the Share about you and your business: advantage? Professional /Expertise Interests Community involvement Where do I find them? http://www.blogger.com31 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 32. Blogs How do I get started? Sign up Create a blog Start writing entries 2010 Social Inf ormation Group32 33. Twitter What is it? Microblogging tool similar to text messaging Free Quick setup Whats the Find and follow peers, thought leaders, advantage?potential customers, locals Communicate (both ways) Share your own expertise and personality Additional marketing tool (tweet blog posts, specials, etc. also list your website, specialties Where do I find it? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 33 34. How do I get started? Sign up Create some tweets Start following people 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 34 35. Which is best for you? Facebook To give greater visibility to your company, specialties,products Community connections, visibility Community is key Blogs To share your interests Customer and professional visibility Content is key Twitter To share your products, advertise specials, customer service Advertising Connection, content and speed are key 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 35 36. Connecting Geography Local connections through Twitter Example: Twellow, WeFollow Local connections through Facebook Search for your geography Consider advertising through36 2010 Social Inf ormation Group Facebook 37. Considerations: Logical/technical Technology and firewall issues Privacy and confidentiality Adoption and usage Multiple tools Making the time/wasting the time Dedicating time and energy followingthrough 2010 Social Inf ormation Group37 38. Considerations: Organizational Shift in thinking about how you interactBroadcasting > conversationAuthority > moderatorOne to many > many to many Loss of controlCan you handle that? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group38 39. Theyre called social for a reason 2010 Social Inf ormation Group39 40. How do I integrate these with my marketing? Choose one first and do it well Dont market them until youre ready Integrate with what you already have Email channels, advertising, business cards Visibility on your site Advertise yourself and your offerings Make them a part of your day Allow yourself the freedom to get used to them Allow yourself the time to make them a habit 2010 Social Inf ormation Group40 41. Workflow and maintenance Make them a part of your day Establish a set day/time during the week Build into other processes Before I check email, Ill tweet Schedule in advance Blog or Twitter posting 2010 Social Inf ormation Group41 42. Measuring success and evaluating What is your goal? What is your plan for meeting that goal? Implementation How is it working? Google Analytics Evaluation: is it worth it? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group42 43. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group43 44. 2010 Social Inf ormation Group44 45. Is it worth it? Am I having fun? What is working? Whats not working? Do I want to continue? No Yes For how long before I re-evaluate? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group45 46. Sustaining Develop your own pace There are no standard guidelines for tweeting, blogging, etc. Calendar & scheduling Tweets, blogs, etc. Evaluation Step back and consider regularly Do I want to continue? What about my audience? Gracefully and professionally easing out of it 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 46 47. Good rules for sharing Be brief Make it useful Know your audience Make it personal Make it fresh Relate it to your business and/or valueAdapted from Chris Brogan: 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 47 48. Final thoughts Experiment and play around with these tools See what works for you Start small! 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 48 49. If youre not prepared to bewrong, youll never come upwith anything original. Sir Ken Robinson 2010 Social Inf ormation Group49 50. Final thoughts Experiment and play around with these tools See what works for you Start small! Invite and involve others reach out People are already using these technologies andexpect to be invited Leverage what others are doing Dont use social tools as your ONLY tool Complementary to what youre already doing 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 50 51. Which is best for you? Which tool would you choose? What would you share using that tool? How often realistically would you update it? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group51 52. Whats my plan? 2010 Social Inf ormation Group52 Sean Prior - 53. Have fun!53Collection of National Media Museum - photographer unknown 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 54. Scott Brown and Social Information Group Enhance your online visibility and marketing using the best social networking tools Tailored to your specific needs from beginner to expert Free initial consultation Contact me: Skype: scbrown5 2010 Social Inf ormation Group54 55. References and resources Tools and Metrics You Need to Measure and Monitor Social Media Success (Social Media Today): to Create a Screencast Like a Pro with These 6 Online Tools ( Apps to Schedule Future Tweets on Twitter (Social Times): -apps-to-schedule-future-tweets-on-twitter/?red=rb10 Ways for Small Businesses to use LinkedIn (The LinkedIn Blog): Social Media ROI: Does Size Matter? (Mark Hayward): -social-media-return-on-investment/How to Increase Revenue with Twitter Integration (Social Media Today): Eroding Privacy Policy: A Timeline (Electronic Frontier Foundation) 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 55 56. ExamplesBoulder Baked Naked Pizza Optima Womens Health Real Estate South of Denver Twellow (to find businesses and locations) WeFollow 2010 Social Inf ormation Group 56