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Understand how cellulite is formed and its best treatment based on dealing with the underlying cause. This is a new approach to cellulite never dealt with before.


  • 1. 90 is the Secret Number to Naked Beauty

2. You looked at yourself in the mirror to find .. 3. Cellulite 4. You feel angry, depressed, hopeless and envious for other women who do not have cellulite ... 5. You know you have a problem and you need something to work now. You need to be smooth and sexy forever. 6. You know there is a solution to your problem and you dont know how to find it. 7. Well, there is a solution you can find when you search for the number 90 but make sure it is not ... 8. Pills to detoxify your skin Pills to detoxify your skin 9. Bogus skin brushing technique 10. Ridiculous massage 11. Weird vibrating machine 12. All these products work either on skin or fat.. 13. You have CELLULITE which is neither a skin nor a fat issue... 14. Cellulite is a MUSCLE FIBER issue ... 15. The secret number to overcome cellulite (90) is the number of muscle from your waist to your ankles... 16. When muscle fibers are not adequately stimulated they get very mushy (muscular atrophy)... 17. Muscular Atrophy 18. Muscular atrophy under the skin causes it to lose support and becomes very mushy 19. Muscle fiber stimulation This is the solution to the cellulite problem,i.e. Exercise, but you should avoid . 20. Exercises for Bodybuilding 21. Weight Lifting 22. Gym Exercises for Extreme Fitness 23. These are 2 dimensional exercises which may worsen your cellulite, rather you need . 24. MULTIDIMENSIONAL EXERCISES 25. You should also avoid the wrong type of cardio exercises because they can make cellulite worse 26. You need precisely adjusted lower body movements without equipments or weights 27. These exercises tone and firm your lower muscles, and gradually push out against the skin giving it the strong support it needs. 28. You should adjust the form, tempo and sequence of these body movements and . 29. You now can get the beach body 30. You should care about maintenance and prevention of cellulite from coming back 31. To recognize the exact lower body movements and targeted exercises to do 3 times a week.. 32. The precise form, the proper tempo, the specific sequence and the weekly schedule: WATCH THIS VIDEO