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Naked Conversations. agenda. What makes a blog so effective? The Six Pillars of the blog How can businesses utilize blogs? What Blogs offer to large and small businesses Microsoft Channel 9 example English Cut example What is the difference between a good and a bad blog? Bad blogs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Naked Conversations

Naked ConversationsWhat makes a blog so effective?The Six Pillars of the blogHow can businesses utilize blogs?What Blogs offer to large and small businessesMicrosoft Channel 9 exampleEnglish Cut exampleWhat is the difference between a good and a bad blog?Bad blogsGood blogsagendaWhat makes a blog so effective?

Some say it is the wave of the future!The Six Pillars

PublishableFindableSocialNo other form of communication has all 6 capabilitiesViralSyndicatableLinkableAnyone with a computer can publish there own blog for little to no costs.The Six Pillars

PublishableAll blogs can be found using generic or blog specific search engines. (Pubsub, Technorati)

Frequently updating blogs increases the ranking at which it appears on Google.The Six Pillars

FindableBlogs promote social interaction by allowing followers to comment on conversations.

The Blogosphere is an interactive atmosphere that encourages the sharing of blogs.The Six Pillars

SocialInformation can quickly be uploaded and spread through the use of blogs.

Blogs often get the word out better than generic press releases.The Six Pillars

ViralRSS Technology allows blogs to alert followers when new information is posted.This saves time searching and provides faster sharing of information.The Six Pillars

SyndicatableBloggers often link stories from other blogs to their own site

Linking furthers the reach of a blogger generating a greater listening audience.The Six Pillars

LinkableHow can Businesses utilize blogs?

Blogs arent just for Tweens anymore. Provide a transparent insiders look into a company.

Allow people to see the human side of large corporations.

Enable employees or owners to address problems quickly and openly with customers in a two way channel of communication.

Promotes honest communication without the alteration from PR or Legal departments.

Blogs:Inspired by Joshua Allen, Channel 9 is a compilation of employee blogs from Microsoft.

These blogs have effectively changed the public perception of Microsoft as a more consumer friendly corporation.

This blog has been credited as increasing Microsofts recruiting power.Microsoft: Channel 9

Allow small companies to access their target audience without expensive advertising campaigns.

Let interested individuals seek out your company on their own.

Create a buzz factor that can spread and produce increased interest for your company.

Blogs:Thomas Mahon was a struggling high-end tailor before being convinced to start a blog.

His blog generated interest with the target audience quickly and spread through links of other blog sites.

His sales revenue increased 300% within 10 weeks.English Cut

What is the difference between a good and a bad blog?

Thats a Great question!!A blog should not be a marketing campaign or sales pitch.

Blogs should be from real people and not characters representing a company.

Blogs should avoid the lame factor of being cheesy.

Blogs cannot be effective if they are dull, they must create interest to capture a loyal audience.Bad Blogs

Should be authentic and straight forward.

Promote an honest (naked) conversation without hidden motives of selling a product.

Must include blog software allowing comments and links to be made within the blogosphere.

Should be interesting and relate to the overall purpose of the blog, properly representing the company it is intended for.Good BlogsNow that you have learned a little about blogs

Bravely go forth into the blogosphere and immerse yourself in the revolution