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  • 8/12/2019 Muffins - Another recipe


    Spelt Muffins - any fruit

    I posted this somewhere here a long time back, but thought I'd post again to make it easier tofind. I'll try to remember to get some photos next time I make them before they get all eaten!I may try to make these into a sourdough recipe like JMonkey did here in order to use upexcess starter...I'll report on that when I do, but for now, these just use baking powder.

    his is a recipe I de eloped about " years ago that people seem to lo e. I make it with wholeorganic spelt flour as I like the nutty taste of spelt # an ancient form of wheat that has erylittle gluten, so it's not as good for rustic breads but great in $uick breads. %ou can also usewhole wheat flour e$ually well but may need to adjust amounts depending on humidity. Iadded the whole brown flaxseeds for roughage, texture, and hopefully some health benefits,although the most benefit is deri ed from raw ground flax.

    &hat I like about this recipe is it does not contain dairy # which I am allergic to although itdoes ha e eggs so it's not egan(. It is also a little less sweet by using dark brown sugar rather than white, and is not too spicy as I omit nutmeg or clo e, opting for the combo of cinnamonand ginger instead. I also make this same basic recipe with bananas or fro)en blueberries orchopped apple rather than pumpkin and all come out e$ually great. If you like a sweetermuffin, add more brown sugar. *b iously, this can be made in a loaf pan as well as in muffintins, but adjust baking time and temp. accordingly+

    Spelt Flaxseed Muffins

    Ingredients (makes 12 large muffins or 24 small muffins):


    -arge ggs

    / c. 0egetable *il 1unflower, 1afflower, or 2anola(

    / c. 3ark 4rown 1ugar maple syrup also tastes great as a sub but need a little more(

    " tsp. 0anilla

    / c. &hole 5lax 1eeds

    Fruit of choice +

    5or 4lueberry Muffins+ " c. fro)en or fresh blueberries

    5or 6umpkin Muffins+ " c. canned pureed /778 pumpkin
  • 8/12/2019 Muffins - Another recipe


    5or 4anana Muffins+ 9#: o erripe bananas, depending on si)e I usually free)e them oncethey get too ripe so I always ha e some on hand(

    5or ;pple Muffins+ apples, cored, peeled, and chopped into small pieces


    9 c. &hole 1pelt 5lour or substitute mixture of ".: c. whole wheat and unbleached whiteflours, if no spelt a ailable. &heat flours are drier than spelt, so use less or mixture will betoo stiff, resulting in dense, hea y, rease /" large muffin cups or " small muffin cups( with canola oil#type cooking spray.

    :( 3i ide the batter up into the cups with a ladle or large spoon and rubber spatula.

    A( 4ake at 9:7 degrees 5 for 7#:7 minutes for large muffins, or around 97 minutes for smallmuffins. ap on top for doneness # they should be firm and crusty, not too soft or mushy.

    B( &hen done, flip muffins out of pans onto cooling rack and let cool.

    @( Cse within a day or two, or refrigerate in plastic bags for up to /7 days or so. 5ree)e therest for up to A months. Just reheat in a toaster o en and enjoy!

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  • 8/12/2019 Muffins - Another recipe


    !i e muffins" Spelt t#oug#ts

    hanks for the muffin recipe, Mountaindog # ery tasty!

    I so agree about the warm, nutty fla our of wholemeal spelt and all my breads, cakes and pastries are made with either wholemeal or white spelt as I can't tolerate modern wheat glutenor proteins.

    3on't gi e up on the spelt flour for yeasted or sourdough breads # it 3* 1 ha e a goodgluten content 4C it is more DfragileD therefore needs slightly less li$uid and lighterhandling # it is perfect for the folding techni$ue and long slow rise of many rustic breads and6eter Eeinhart style techni$ues. If you actually like kneading and I do #strange I know( thenspelt kneads up in about half the time of modern wheat. I will always share recipes # see anyof my posts! +(

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    #elend - spelt

    hanks for your comments Felend! I agree about the taste of spelt. I ha e tried to use it in amiche recipe but it did not turn out too well, but I do not necessarlily blame that on the spelt #I think it was my techni$ue with that, and will definitley try it again for a hearth bread #

    maybe I'll try the no#knead recipe with a ariation of spelt and sourdough, I'll report on thatwhen I do.

    I ha e read some of your posts dating from back before I joined this forum, by the way, and Iam ery impressed with your har est photo contest picture # that polenta cake lookswonderful, and your orchard produce, chutneys, and preser es are beautiful! Is the polentacake recipe here somewhereG