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  • #MWC17 HighlightsMobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27.02. - 02.03.2017

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Mobile World Congress 2017Key trends and insights


    5G Next generation networks: 5G will enable new use cases for mobile connectivity in

    Industrial IoT, connected cars and faster internet connection for AI and AR/VR applications.

    IoT: The Internet of Things is becoming more mature, accelerated by narrowband and

    LPWAN networks. NB-IoT based on 4G will be launched by first MNOs in Europe soon.

    Connected Car: Key players continue to establish connected services to enhance the driving

    experience and security of their cars, whilst new players enter nice markets.

    Robots & Drones: Having mostly been advertised as toys over the past years, robots and

    drones were presented as industrial tools at this years MWC.

    Smartphones & Tablets: Still little innovation in this sector. Presumed dead brands returned

    to the market and convertible tablets have almost replaced laptops.

    Wearables: Only few wearables and gimmicks for the connected consumer were presented

    this year - the biggest topic was Googles launch of Android Wear 2.0.


  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    5G will be the next generation of mobile broadband technology, replacing LTE as

    the latest standard. 5G is a system which will seamlessly include various network

    standards providing the necessary capability to the devices and their applications.

    Network slicing, edge computing and software-defined infrastructures are new

    methods being introduced with 5G to accelerate demand for higher bandwidth

    with up to 10 Gbps and low latency. In addition, enhanced signaling and spectral

    efficiency allows operators to manage a significantly higher number of

    simultaneous connections, pushing IoT and especially Industrial IoT.

    5G Next generation networksWhat can we expect from the new technology?


    3G 4G 5G384 Kbps 100 Mbps 10 Gbps

    The next generation of mobile networks brings a range of

    advantages, enabling new use-cases. In the focus of this

    years MWC were mostly data-consuming demonstrations

    such as VR/AR, as this technology requires low latency to

    transfer responsive video data in real-time.

    Industrial brands widely focus on the IoT and the

    simultaneous management of hundreds of thousands

    devices, making e.g. autonomous cars and traffic

    management reality. The increased reliability of 5G is seen

    to drive eHealth and automatic emergency management.

    Consumers, however will, besides from the IoT, mainly

    benefit from ubiquitous high data rates, boosting mobile

    media solutions,

    The 5G Technology

    5G Use Cases

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    5G Next generation networksThe mobile industry is focused on the new gigabit technology


    While everybody is talking about 5G these days at the MWC

    2017, the telecom bodies have not fully defined the

    specifications of 5G. 3GPP announced the release of 5G

    Spec in 2019.

    UNs ITU has published an early draft of their performance

    requirements for the new 5G standard. Thus users can

    expect 100Mbps download, 50Mbps upload and a latency


  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    5G Next generation networksVirtual Reality goes mobile with 5G


    Lithuanian mobile app developers

    TeleSoftas showcased an app which

    allows business meetings to be held in

    virtual reality with avatars representing

    people in different parts of the globe.

    TeleSoftas is also developing virtual

    reality applications which empower

    patients to overcome their life-limiting

    phobias and treat mental health issues

    by exposing the patient to the

    particular anxiety in a safe virtual


    Korea Telecom showcased a full VR

    experience including physical elements

    like blowing wind when driving a roller-

    coaster animation as well as motion.

    More important, however, is that Korea

    Telecom promises to deliver such

    complex VR experiences over 5G which

    they will deploy commercially by 2019.

    Samsung and Oculus announced a new

    version of the mobile headset which

    comes with a controller. It features a

    trigger button on the rear, a circular

    clickable touchpad, along with volume,

    back and home buttons.

    According to an Oculus press release

    the controller lets you select, grab,

    take aim, and fire. Already 70 projects

    are in progress, which will support the

    new controlling device. 5G will be

    essential for mobile use.

    Gear VR VR MedusaKorea Telecom 5G VR Experience

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    5G Next generation networksDeutsche Telekom broadly focuses on 5G


    "Feel connected all over Europe" was Telekoms headline at

    the MWC 2017. It announced and showcased use cases

    based on 5G.

    Deutsche Telekom calls on European telecommunications

    regulators to allow more industry consolidation, and asks

    authorities to ease the transition to a fifth generation of

    wireless services that would spur growth.

    The network operator demonstrated 5G with the help of

    augmented reality and robotics applications. Visions of the

    future are shown with position tracking on a Carrera racing

    track and predictive maintenance solutions in IoT.

    Deutsche Telekom has formed an agree-

    ment with optical company Zeiss to

    develop smart glasses that will make use of

    future 5G networks.

    The glasses will be linked to a 5G

    smartphone, displaying information in one


    Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson and SK

    Telecom successfully demonstrate

    optimized end-user experiences with 5G


    This is broadly seen as an outstanding

    achievement considering the cross-country

    use of the network-slicing technology.

    5G Roaming

    Augmented RealityDeutsche Telekom 5G

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Internet of ThingsIndustrial players continue to adapt IoT services for their businesses


    According to the German software, and now cloud

    company, the partnership with Apple will create a

    toolset for developers to build enterprise grade

    apps for iOS.

    Its called the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and

    will use Apples programming language Swift. It

    provides developers with pre-built UI components

    with access to iPhone features such as Touch ID,

    location services and more.

    With community-based parking, the car is becoming

    a parking space locator. When driving down the road,

    the car detects gaps between parked cars with its on-

    board sensors. The data gathered is then transmitted

    to a digital street map.

    High-performance Bosch algorithms assess the

    plausibility of the data and make forecasts on the

    parking spot situation. A cloud-based service that

    uses this data can then create a real-time parking


    Philips Lighting announced a new LED lighting

    trunking system for the retail and industrial

    vertical markets.

    It is compatible with the Philips Indoor Positioning

    system, which helps both shoppers and retailers

    by providing dynamic routing for faster order

    picking or analyzing shopper traffic.

    Philips LED

    BoschSAP & Apple

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Internet of ThingsNetworks and alliances enable even more IoT projects



    In only 4 days, Sigfox rolled

    out its network in a nature

    reserve in South Africa for a

    rhinoceros tracking project.

    Deutsche Telekom

    Deutsche Telekom announced its

    commercial launch NB-IoT in Germany in Q2

    2017, followed by the Netherlands in 2017,

    and will expand in Austria, Croatia, Greece,

    Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia in 2017.

    LoRa network

    A LoRa network for a Brazilian mine was

    installed. A single base station covers up

    to 8 miles into the galleries beneath the


    Ericsson & Comau

    Ericsson announced the signing of a

    collaborative agreement with Comau (the

    industrial automation product, systems

    and services company) to explore the

    potential of 5G in smart manufacturing.


    AT&T will become the exclusive reseller of

    Currents intelligent sensor nodes operated

    through GEs Predix IoT platform in the U.S.

    and Mexico.

    The two companies HPE & Tata

    Communications are set to build what they are

    calling the largest long-range LoRa network

    for the Internet of Things in India.


  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Internet of ThingsSmart Home solutions evolve further, but were limited this year


    MINE comes with an integrated set of

    three mood-scents and automatically

    releases a specific scent according to

    your specific mood. The current mood

    is estimated by various algorithms and

    can be adjusted through an app.

    The connectivity enables machine

    learning to better adopt to users

    moods and allows automatic orders for

    refill fragrances.

    The Fluidra Connect is a system for

    connected swimming pools and garden

    appliances. Fludria is well established

    global company for pool equipment

    and shows a good example of business

    evolution with IoT.

    The app allows users to monitor,

    control and maintain water quality,

    pool lightning and temperature. It can

    connect other garden appliances like

    watering systems and lights. Remote

    service function can be enabled for the

    local dealer.

    Fluidra ConnectMine

    The Ara by Kolibree, a French start-up,

    is designed to help the user with

    advices when brushing their teeth. The

    app tracks date, time, duration and

    even parts of the mouth when it is

    used and warns the customer, when it

    is not used properly.

    A gamification gimmick in the app then

    evaluates and rates the performed

    work, motivating children to put more

    effort into oral hygiene.

    Kolibree Ara

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Connected CarKey brands enhance their services, whilst new players enter niches


    The Uber-owned company

    Otto, which was purchased

    recently, is aiming to enter

    the long-haul freight market

    and offer a freight hauling

    service using autonomous

    trucks. Otto offers the

    needed technology to retrofit

    existing trucks and enable

    autonomies driving on US


    Robocar unveils their autonomous, driverless Race

    Car. Just two weeks ago, the company conducted

    their first test race on a closed loop on Buenos Aires

    streets which ended in a crash.

    Roborace Race Car


    Huawei & Vodafone are taking a shot at using cellular technology to

    connect cars to each other, to people, and to roadside infrastructure.

    Concepted with the support of Audi, the idea is to improve safety and

    the driving experience. It relies upon tech called Cellular V2X with

    sharing sensor and camera data.

    Seat introduced the digital combined instrument virtual cockpit

    which is supposed to launch in 2018/2019. It includes real-time traffic

    forecasting and recommends routes. In summer 2017 Seat will launch

    their new Drive App for iOS in Germany.

    Mercedes is presenting its new smart ready to share service which

    allows drivers to share their car with friends and family. Additionally,

    Mercedes is working on a system to find free parking spaces on a map.

    Intel presented 5G integrated in BMWs roof antenna, showing an

    extremely fast data transfer which is important for autonomous driving.

    Huawei & Vodafone, Seat, Mercedes, Ford, BMW

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Robots & DronesRobotics further evolving, starting to act more autonomously


    DJIs newest drone is a customized version of the movie-

    focused Inspire 2 model, sporting mounts compatible with

    the early models cameras, including the 30x optical zoom

    Zenmuse Z30 and the XT thermal imager. The device is

    weatherproofed (with a waterproofing rating of IP43) and is

    designed for scouting out dangerous conditions.

    The M200 has the ability to closely inspect objects like wind

    turbines and oil rigs to spot infrastructural issues and help

    plan maintenance.

    Pricing is not yet announced (and largely dependent on

    configuration), though it will be more than the Inspire 2,

    which starts at $3,000.

    Huawei is working on cell towers that

    boost GPS data and pass it to the drone,

    while also providing wireless charging

    stations to extent battery life, and

    compensate GPS interference from


    In the future, the company hopes that

    wireless charging will be good enough that

    the drone wont need to land at all.

    Ford unveiled its concept of an electric

    self-driving delivery van that can launch a

    fleet of drones to pick up and drop off

    packages in hard-to-reach places.

    The concept is called Autolivery and is

    geared toward solving the last-mile

    challenge in delivery, specifically the last 15

    meters between the delivery truck and the



    Cell Towers Charge DronesDJIs M200

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Smartphones & TabletsNokia returns to market, ZTE announced the worlds fastest phone


    Nokia 6

    Nokia is back and announced a series of new

    devices, including a revived 3310. Nokias

    high-end device comes with a 5.5-inch full HD

    display, Snapdragon 430 chipset, 32GB of

    internal storage and 16MP rear cam at 229.

    LG G6

    LG squeezed a 5.7-inch screen on to a

    handset that feels like it's been built for a

    5.3-inch screen. With a bigger battery,

    32GB on-board storage, two cameras with

    13MP on the front and back and a QHD+

    display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.

    The Sony Xperia XZ

    Sony is focusing on developing its XZ brand

    into a premium smartphone. The Sony Xperia

    XZ comes with an outstanding slow motion

    function (960fps), 4k Display with a HDR-alike

    function, Snapdragon 835 chipset, Android

    7.1.1 and a top-end water resistance.

    Huawei P10

    A rather limited upgrade to a major

    player. It comes with a fingerprint

    sensor on the front, a Kirin 960 chipset

    and an updated camera with 12MP.

    ZTE Gigabit

    Announced to be 'the world's fastest

    smartphone'. Download speeds of 1Gbps,

    thanks to 'a Pre5G Giga+ MBB solution'. The

    ZTE Gigabit is a prototype at the moment, but

    shows what the company is capable of.

    Moto G5

    Motorola confirmed the Moto G5 and the

    moto G5 Plus a new budget handset from

    parent company Lenovo. Both models feature a

    Dual-Sim and an exchangeable battery. It will

    be released in March this year starting at 199.

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    The A5's pulsing, customizable LED

    backside can become a music

    visualizer or be themed to match

    your wardrobe. The back is

    replaceable with a speaker or add-on

    battery, bringing last year's modular

    concept down to affordable phones.

    Compared to other sub-$200

    phones, the A5 LED sticks out in

    design and fun.

    Smartphones & TabletsAlcatel with fun phone, BlackBerry holds on to physical keyboard


    BlackBerry presented a full-keyboard

    phone with competitive hardware

    specifications. The battery life can

    stretch to two full days because of

    the 3,505mAh battery. Upfront is a

    4.5-inch display running at a 3:2

    aspect ratio.

    The KeyOne is set to launch in

    multiple markets in April at $549.

    The 6X ProKit-Edition is a bundle

    that Honor has put together based

    on feedback from customers. It will

    comes with a selfie stick, head-

    phones, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of

    internal memory instead of the 32GB

    in the normal version.

    The ProKit will be available soon and

    retail for about $337.

    BlackBerry KeyOneAlcatel A5

    Samsung did not unveil its flagship

    smartphone Galaxy S8, but

    announced the presentation date

    and teased the audience with a short

    video for the release on 29th March.

    The graphic showed a bezel-free

    phone, indicating a new design

    language by Samsung.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Honor 6X ProKit

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    Lenovo extends their convertible

    portfolio with an entry level device:

    The Intel Atom X5-Z8350, 2GB RAM

    and 64GB storage are included in the

    basic version of this tablet and can

    be doubled on demand.

    Prices have not officially been

    announced yet, but experts expect a

    price around 250.

    Smartphones & TabletsConvertibles have replaced the laptop


    Porsche Designs first venture into

    laptops is a high-end Surface Book.

    Starting at $2,495, the Book One

    comes in a sleek, all-metal Porsche

    Design body, with a Kaby Lake Core

    i7 and multiple ports: Thunderbolt 3,

    USB-C, USB-A, and microSD.

    Its swiveling, detachable, high-res

    screen delivers more flexibility than

    many other laptops.

    Samsungs Galaxy Book is equipped

    with Windows 10 and an Intel

    processor. The convertible Galaxy

    Book has two separate surfaces for

    private and business use that can

    be switched with one wipe to the

    side. By turning the keyboard back,

    the display automatically switches

    into tablet mode.

    Galaxy Book

    Porsche Design BookLenovo Miix 320

    Alcatel presented a range of tablets,

    including the Plus 12, which is

    optimized for mobile working. It has

    a 12-inch screen in a metal housing

    and uses Windows 10.

    Features such as a fingerprint sensor

    or micro-HDMI port, which are well

    known from business laptops, are

    also included.

    Alcatel Plus 12

  • mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business

    WearablesSmartwatches further evolve, but lack of innovation


    Sony's prototype Xperia Ear are noise-

    canceling earphones that let you pick

    up on traffic sounds or people's voices,

    without having to take it out of your

    ear canals. The combination of two

    special acoustic conductors and driver

    units beam sound directly in your ear


    Furthermore, the Xperia Ear will be

    equipped with Agent, Sonys own

    voice assistant that competes with Ok

    Google and Alexa by Amazon.

    The LG Watch Sport is a fitness watch.

    It features a 316L stainless steel case

    with a digital crown for navigation. It

    measures 45.4 x 51.21 x 14.2mm and

    features IP68 water protection and

    comes in titanium or dark blue colors.

    It comes with a fixed elastomer strap

    with an integrated 4G antenna inside,

    so it can operate independently of a

    smartphone. It has a Qualcomm

    Snapdragon 2100 chipset and the

    watch also comes in another version

    with a few differences, the LG Style.

    Huaweis new smartwatch is launching

    in March in two versions: the normal

    and the classic version. The watch

    includes a GPS module and heart rate

    tracker. It will run on Android Wear 2.0

    The Watch 2 features a LTE modem -

    untethered from a smartphone, one

    brand new feature of the OS. The

    Watch 2 Classic connects through the

    smartphone. The normal watch costs

    329 and the Watch 2 Classic 399.

    Huawei Watch 2Sony Xperia Ear Open-

    style ConceptLG Watch Sport

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    Upcoming TrendsAI/Assistants on the rise, communication begins to change


    Google is taking action to support

    carriers to raise their own messaging

    channel. RCS enhances messaging and

    adds dynamic features like group-

    chats, photo sharing and read, received

    and typing indicators.

    The service will be implement-ted

    alongside MMS and SMS in the native

    Android Message app. 27 more carriers

    have signed up to support RCS to

    tackle Apples iMessage and the market

    leader and Facebook-owned

    messaging app WhatsApp.

    Following the hype from the CES in Las

    Vegas, Google and Amazon continue

    their aggressive push for voice


    Whilst Amazon supports the

    implementation of their service Alexa

    in 3rd party devices, Google has

    announced bringing Ok Google to all

    Android devices which equals almost 9

    out of 10 mobile smart-phones today.

    Plan for the future is to integrate all

    communication into one app, including

    chatbots. Messaging apps now also

    include corporate/brand accounts, ads,

    browsers and payment functions.

    Companies are looking at messaging

    platforms as their primary engagement

    for their NG 24/7 customer


    As chatbots will advance, they will be

    able to establish a more natural way of

    communication with users.

    Rich Communications Services

    (RCS) The future of messagingVoice Assistants


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