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<ul><li><p>#MWC17 HighlightsMobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27.02. - 02.03.2017</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Mobile World Congress 2017Key trends and insights</p><p>2</p><p>5G Next generation networks: 5G will enable new use cases for mobile connectivity in </p><p>Industrial IoT, connected cars and faster internet connection for AI and AR/VR applications.</p><p>IoT: The Internet of Things is becoming more mature, accelerated by narrowband and </p><p>LPWAN networks. NB-IoT based on 4G will be launched by first MNOs in Europe soon.</p><p>Connected Car: Key players continue to establish connected services to enhance the driving </p><p>experience and security of their cars, whilst new players enter nice markets.</p><p>Robots &amp; Drones: Having mostly been advertised as toys over the past years, robots and </p><p>drones were presented as industrial tools at this years MWC.</p><p>Smartphones &amp; Tablets: Still little innovation in this sector. Presumed dead brands returned </p><p>to the market and convertible tablets have almost replaced laptops.</p><p>Wearables: Only few wearables and gimmicks for the connected consumer were presented </p><p>this year - the biggest topic was Googles launch of Android Wear 2.0.</p><p>view</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>5G will be the next generation of mobile broadband technology, replacing LTE as </p><p>the latest standard. 5G is a system which will seamlessly include various network </p><p>standards providing the necessary capability to the devices and their applications. </p><p>Network slicing, edge computing and software-defined infrastructures are new </p><p>methods being introduced with 5G to accelerate demand for higher bandwidth </p><p>with up to 10 Gbps and low latency. In addition, enhanced signaling and spectral </p><p>efficiency allows operators to manage a significantly higher number of </p><p>simultaneous connections, pushing IoT and especially Industrial IoT.</p><p>5G Next generation networksWhat can we expect from the new technology?</p><p>3</p><p>3G 4G 5G384 Kbps 100 Mbps 10 Gbps</p><p>The next generation of mobile networks brings a range of </p><p>advantages, enabling new use-cases. In the focus of this </p><p>years MWC were mostly data-consuming demonstrations </p><p>such as VR/AR, as this technology requires low latency to </p><p>transfer responsive video data in real-time.</p><p>Industrial brands widely focus on the IoT and the </p><p>simultaneous management of hundreds of thousands </p><p>devices, making e.g. autonomous cars and traffic </p><p>management reality. The increased reliability of 5G is seen </p><p>to drive eHealth and automatic emergency management.</p><p>Consumers, however will, besides from the IoT, mainly </p><p>benefit from ubiquitous high data rates, boosting mobile </p><p>media solutions,</p><p>The 5G Technology</p><p>5G Use Cases</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>5G Next generation networksThe mobile industry is focused on the new gigabit technology</p><p>4</p><p>While everybody is talking about 5G these days at the MWC </p><p>2017, the telecom bodies have not fully defined the </p><p>specifications of 5G. 3GPP announced the release of 5G </p><p>Spec in 2019.</p><p>UNs ITU has published an early draft of their performance </p><p>requirements for the new 5G standard. Thus users can </p><p>expect 100Mbps download, 50Mbps upload and a latency </p><p>of </p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>5G Next generation networksVirtual Reality goes mobile with 5G</p><p>5</p><p>Lithuanian mobile app developers </p><p>TeleSoftas showcased an app which </p><p>allows business meetings to be held in </p><p>virtual reality with avatars representing </p><p>people in different parts of the globe.</p><p>TeleSoftas is also developing virtual </p><p>reality applications which empower </p><p>patients to overcome their life-limiting </p><p>phobias and treat mental health issues </p><p>by exposing the patient to the </p><p>particular anxiety in a safe virtual </p><p>environment.</p><p>Korea Telecom showcased a full VR </p><p>experience including physical elements </p><p>like blowing wind when driving a roller-</p><p>coaster animation as well as motion.</p><p>More important, however, is that Korea </p><p>Telecom promises to deliver such </p><p>complex VR experiences over 5G which </p><p>they will deploy commercially by 2019. </p><p>Samsung and Oculus announced a new </p><p>version of the mobile headset which </p><p>comes with a controller. It features a </p><p>trigger button on the rear, a circular </p><p>clickable touchpad, along with volume, </p><p>back and home buttons.</p><p>According to an Oculus press release </p><p>the controller lets you select, grab, </p><p>take aim, and fire. Already 70 projects </p><p>are in progress, which will support the </p><p>new controlling device. 5G will be </p><p>essential for mobile use.</p><p>Gear VR VR MedusaKorea Telecom 5G VR Experience</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>5G Next generation networksDeutsche Telekom broadly focuses on 5G</p><p>6</p><p>"Feel connected all over Europe" was Telekoms headline at </p><p>the MWC 2017. It announced and showcased use cases </p><p>based on 5G.</p><p>Deutsche Telekom calls on European telecommunications </p><p>regulators to allow more industry consolidation, and asks </p><p>authorities to ease the transition to a fifth generation of </p><p>wireless services that would spur growth.</p><p>The network operator demonstrated 5G with the help of </p><p>augmented reality and robotics applications. Visions of the </p><p>future are shown with position tracking on a Carrera racing </p><p>track and predictive maintenance solutions in IoT.</p><p>Deutsche Telekom has formed an agree-</p><p>ment with optical company Zeiss to </p><p>develop smart glasses that will make use of </p><p>future 5G networks.</p><p>The glasses will be linked to a 5G </p><p>smartphone, displaying information in one </p><p>eye. </p><p>Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson and SK </p><p>Telecom successfully demonstrate </p><p>optimized end-user experiences with 5G </p><p>roaming.</p><p>This is broadly seen as an outstanding </p><p>achievement considering the cross-country </p><p>use of the network-slicing technology.</p><p>5G Roaming</p><p>Augmented RealityDeutsche Telekom 5G</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Internet of ThingsIndustrial players continue to adapt IoT services for their businesses</p><p>7</p><p>According to the German software, and now cloud </p><p>company, the partnership with Apple will create a </p><p>toolset for developers to build enterprise grade </p><p>apps for iOS.</p><p>Its called the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and </p><p>will use Apples programming language Swift. It </p><p>provides developers with pre-built UI components </p><p>with access to iPhone features such as Touch ID, </p><p>location services and more.</p><p>With community-based parking, the car is becoming </p><p>a parking space locator. When driving down the road, </p><p>the car detects gaps between parked cars with its on-</p><p>board sensors. The data gathered is then transmitted </p><p>to a digital street map.</p><p>High-performance Bosch algorithms assess the </p><p>plausibility of the data and make forecasts on the </p><p>parking spot situation. A cloud-based service that </p><p>uses this data can then create a real-time parking </p><p>map.</p><p>Philips Lighting announced a new LED lighting </p><p>trunking system for the retail and industrial </p><p>vertical markets.</p><p>It is compatible with the Philips Indoor Positioning </p><p>system, which helps both shoppers and retailers </p><p>by providing dynamic routing for faster order </p><p>picking or analyzing shopper traffic.</p><p>Philips LED</p><p>BoschSAP &amp; Apple</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Internet of ThingsNetworks and alliances enable even more IoT projects</p><p>8</p><p>Sigfox</p><p>In only 4 days, Sigfox rolled </p><p>out its network in a nature </p><p>reserve in South Africa for a </p><p>rhinoceros tracking project.</p><p>Deutsche Telekom</p><p>Deutsche Telekom announced its </p><p>commercial launch NB-IoT in Germany in Q2 </p><p>2017, followed by the Netherlands in 2017, </p><p>and will expand in Austria, Croatia, Greece, </p><p>Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia in 2017.</p><p>LoRa network</p><p>A LoRa network for a Brazilian mine was </p><p>installed. A single base station covers up </p><p>to 8 miles into the galleries beneath the </p><p>surface.</p><p>Ericsson &amp; Comau</p><p>Ericsson announced the signing of a </p><p>collaborative agreement with Comau (the </p><p>industrial automation product, systems </p><p>and services company) to explore the </p><p>potential of 5G in smart manufacturing.</p><p>AT&amp;T</p><p>AT&amp;T will become the exclusive reseller of </p><p>Currents intelligent sensor nodes operated </p><p>through GEs Predix IoT platform in the U.S. </p><p>and Mexico.</p><p>The two companies HPE &amp; Tata </p><p>Communications are set to build what they are </p><p>calling the largest long-range LoRa network </p><p>for the Internet of Things in India.</p><p>HPE/Tata</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Internet of ThingsSmart Home solutions evolve further, but were limited this year</p><p>9</p><p>MINE comes with an integrated set of </p><p>three mood-scents and automatically </p><p>releases a specific scent according to </p><p>your specific mood. The current mood </p><p>is estimated by various algorithms and </p><p>can be adjusted through an app.</p><p>The connectivity enables machine </p><p>learning to better adopt to users </p><p>moods and allows automatic orders for </p><p>refill fragrances.</p><p>The Fluidra Connect is a system for </p><p>connected swimming pools and garden </p><p>appliances. Fludria is well established </p><p>global company for pool equipment </p><p>and shows a good example of business </p><p>evolution with IoT.</p><p>The app allows users to monitor, </p><p>control and maintain water quality, </p><p>pool lightning and temperature. It can </p><p>connect other garden appliances like </p><p>watering systems and lights. Remote </p><p>service function can be enabled for the </p><p>local dealer.</p><p>Fluidra ConnectMine</p><p>The Ara by Kolibree, a French start-up, </p><p>is designed to help the user with </p><p>advices when brushing their teeth. The </p><p>app tracks date, time, duration and </p><p>even parts of the mouth when it is </p><p>used and warns the customer, when it </p><p>is not used properly.</p><p>A gamification gimmick in the app then </p><p>evaluates and rates the performed </p><p>work, motivating children to put more </p><p>effort into oral hygiene.</p><p>Kolibree Ara</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Connected CarKey brands enhance their services, whilst new players enter niches</p><p>10</p><p>The Uber-owned company </p><p>Otto, which was purchased </p><p>recently, is aiming to enter </p><p>the long-haul freight market </p><p>and offer a freight hauling </p><p>service using autonomous </p><p>trucks. Otto offers the </p><p>needed technology to retrofit </p><p>existing trucks and enable </p><p>autonomies driving on US </p><p>highways.</p><p>Robocar unveils their autonomous, driverless Race </p><p>Car. Just two weeks ago, the company conducted </p><p>their first test race on a closed loop on Buenos Aires </p><p>streets which ended in a crash.</p><p>Roborace Race Car</p><p>Otto</p><p> Huawei &amp; Vodafone are taking a shot at using cellular technology to </p><p>connect cars to each other, to people, and to roadside infrastructure. </p><p>Concepted with the support of Audi, the idea is to improve safety and </p><p>the driving experience. It relies upon tech called Cellular V2X with </p><p>sharing sensor and camera data. </p><p> Seat introduced the digital combined instrument virtual cockpit </p><p>which is supposed to launch in 2018/2019. It includes real-time traffic </p><p>forecasting and recommends routes. In summer 2017 Seat will launch </p><p>their new Drive App for iOS in Germany.</p><p> Mercedes is presenting its new smart ready to share service which </p><p>allows drivers to share their car with friends and family. Additionally, </p><p>Mercedes is working on a system to find free parking spaces on a map.</p><p> Intel presented 5G integrated in BMWs roof antenna, showing an </p><p>extremely fast data transfer which is important for autonomous driving.</p><p>Huawei &amp; Vodafone, Seat, Mercedes, Ford, BMW</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Robots &amp; DronesRobotics further evolving, starting to act more autonomously</p><p>11</p><p>DJIs newest drone is a customized version of the movie-</p><p>focused Inspire 2 model, sporting mounts compatible with </p><p>the early models cameras, including the 30x optical zoom </p><p>Zenmuse Z30 and the XT thermal imager. The device is </p><p>weatherproofed (with a waterproofing rating of IP43) and is </p><p>designed for scouting out dangerous conditions.</p><p>The M200 has the ability to closely inspect objects like wind </p><p>turbines and oil rigs to spot infrastructural issues and help </p><p>plan maintenance.</p><p>Pricing is not yet announced (and largely dependent on </p><p>configuration), though it will be more than the Inspire 2, </p><p>which starts at $3,000.</p><p>Huawei is working on cell towers that </p><p>boost GPS data and pass it to the drone, </p><p>while also providing wireless charging </p><p>stations to extent battery life, and </p><p>compensate GPS interference from </p><p>buildings.</p><p>In the future, the company hopes that </p><p>wireless charging will be good enough that </p><p>the drone wont need to land at all.</p><p>Ford unveiled its concept of an electric </p><p>self-driving delivery van that can launch a </p><p>fleet of drones to pick up and drop off </p><p>packages in hard-to-reach places.</p><p>The concept is called Autolivery and is </p><p>geared toward solving the last-mile </p><p>challenge in delivery, specifically the last 15 </p><p>meters between the delivery truck and the </p><p>drop-off.</p><p>Autolivery</p><p>Cell Towers Charge DronesDJIs M200</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>Smartphones &amp; TabletsNokia returns to market, ZTE announced the worlds fastest phone</p><p>12</p><p>Nokia 6</p><p>Nokia is back and announced a series of new </p><p>devices, including a revived 3310. Nokias </p><p>high-end device comes with a 5.5-inch full HD </p><p>display, Snapdragon 430 chipset, 32GB of </p><p>internal storage and 16MP rear cam at 229.</p><p>LG G6</p><p>LG squeezed a 5.7-inch screen on to a </p><p>handset that feels like it's been built for a </p><p>5.3-inch screen. With a bigger battery, </p><p>32GB on-board storage, two cameras with </p><p>13MP on the front and back and a QHD+ </p><p>display with an 18:9 aspect ratio.</p><p>The Sony Xperia XZ</p><p>Sony is focusing on developing its XZ brand </p><p>into a premium smartphone. The Sony Xperia</p><p>XZ comes with an outstanding slow motion </p><p>function (960fps), 4k Display with a HDR-alike </p><p>function, Snapdragon 835 chipset, Android </p><p>7.1.1 and a top-end water resistance. </p><p>Huawei P10</p><p>A rather limited upgrade to a major </p><p>player. It comes with a fingerprint </p><p>sensor on the front, a Kirin 960 chipset </p><p>and an updated camera with 12MP.</p><p>ZTE Gigabit</p><p>Announced to be 'the world's fastest </p><p>smartphone'. Download speeds of 1Gbps, </p><p>thanks to 'a Pre5G Giga+ MBB solution'. The </p><p>ZTE Gigabit is a prototype at the moment, but </p><p>shows what the company is capable of. </p><p>Moto G5</p><p>Motorola confirmed the Moto G5 and the </p><p>moto G5 Plus a new budget handset from </p><p>parent company Lenovo. Both models feature a </p><p>Dual-Sim and an exchangeable battery. It will </p><p>be released in March this year starting at 199.</p></li><li><p>mm1 The Consultancy for Connected Business</p><p>The A5's pulsing, customizable LED </p><p>backside can become a music </p><p>visualizer or be themed to match </p><p>your wardrobe. The back is </p><p>replaceable with a speaker or add-on </p><p>battery, bringing last year's modular </p><p>concept down to affordable phones.</p><p>Compared to other sub-$200 </p><p>phones, the A5 LED sticks out in </p><p>design and fun.</p><p>Smartphones &amp; TabletsAlcatel with fun phone, BlackBerry holds on to physical keyboard</p><p>13</p><p>BlackBerry presented a full-keyboard </p><p>phone with competitive hardware </p><p>specifications. The battery life can </p><p>stretch to two full days because of </p><p>the 3,505mAh battery. Upfront is a </p><p>4.5-inch display running at a 3:2 </p><p>aspect ratio. </p><p>The KeyOne is set to launch in </p><p>multiple markets in April at $549.</p><p>The 6X ProKit-Edition is a bundle </p><p>that Honor has put together based </p><p>on feedback from customers. It will </p><p>comes with a selfie stick, head-</p><p>phones, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of </p><p>internal memory instead of the 32GB </p><p>in the normal version.</p><p>The ProKit will be available soon and </p><p>retail...</p></li></ul>