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The PPT that is a tag along to my Minoan lecture


  • 1.Greek Bronze AgeThe Minoans

2. Overview Introduction Early History of the Island of Crete Knossos and the Minoans Minoan Society The End of the Minoan Civilization 3. The Minoans Introduction 4. The Aegean Sea 5. Sir Arthur Evans 6. The MinoansEarly History of the Island of Crete 7. Island of Crete 8. Tholoi 9. Minoan Art 10. The MinoansKnossos and the Minoans 11. Knossos 12. Pithoi 13. Water Pipes 14. The MinoansMinoan Society 15. Priest King 16. Double-Headed Axe 17. The Minoan Bull 18. Minoan Art 19. The MinoansThe End of the Minoans 20. Aegean Sea