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Minoan-egyptian Archeology


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    This volume is dedicated toProfessor Vassos Karageorghis, Nestor of Cypriot Archaeology

  • ISBN 978-960-7143-40-2

    Copyright 2012

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    UNIVERSITY OF CRETEDepartment of History & Archaeology

    MINISTRY OF CULTUREArchaeological Institute of Aegean Studies

    Archaeological Institute of Cretological Studies


  • - C O N T R I B U T O R S


    It is noted that each writer was responsible for the corrections of his/her paper.

    Nicoletta Antognelli Michel Doctoral candidate (PhD) at the University of Freiburg i. Bernau-Menzen-schwanderstr. 16. D - 79837 St. Blasien. nicoletta_anto@yahoo.it

    Dr. Andrea Babbi Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doc. Ruprecht-Karls-Universitt Heidelberg Zentrum fr Altertumswissenschaften Institut fr Ur- und Frhgeschichte und Vorderasiatische Archologie Marstallhof 4. D-69117 Heidelberg Deutschland andreababbi@tiscali.it

    . . vaiopulu@otenet.gr

    Sabine BeckmannUniversity of Crete. Vigla Panagia Lakonia. 72100 Agios Nikolaos. Beckmann@students.phl.uoc.gr

    Dr. Giorgos Bourogiannis Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Medel-havsmuseet, Fredsgatan 2. Box 16008, 103 21 Stockholm. gbourogiannis@thebritishmuseum.ac.u

    . . gimatzidis@gmail.com

    . . . K A. 71202, . Calliopegk@gmail.com

    . . 23, . , 32007 elgoula@sch.gr

    Dr. Florentia Fragkopoulou 28100. florentiaf@googlemail.com

    Dr. Kostas Georgakopoulos Archaeologist. 23d Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Xanthoudidou and Chatzidaki 71202, Heraklion. kgeorgakopoulos@yahoo.com

    Professor Antoine HermaryUniversit dAix-Marseille I. Centre Camille Jullian. hermary@mmsh.univ-aix.fr

    Dr. Reinhard JungFachbereich Altertumswissenschaften. Universitt Salzburg. Residenzplatz 1 / II. A-5010 Salzburg reinjung@hotmail.com

    Dr. Athanasia KantaDirector of the 23d Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Xanthoudidou and Chatzidaki 71202, Heraklion. Athanasiaka@gmail.com

    Professor Vassos Karageorghisvassoskarageorghis@cytanet.com.cy

    Professor Litsa Kontorli-Papadopoulou Associate professor of Prehistoric Archaeology. University of Ioannina Themistokleous 69, .Psychiko, 154 51 Athens papadop7@gmail.com

    Dr. Konstantinos Kopanias Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology. University of Athens. Department of History and Archaeology - University Campus. GR 157 84 Athens - Greece kkopanias@arch.uoa.gr

    Dr. Antonios KotsonasAmsterdam Archaeological Centre University of Amsterdam. Turfdraag-sterpad 9, 1012 XT. Amsterdam. The Netherlands a.kotsonas@uva.nl

    Professor Panagiotis Kousoulis Ass. Professor of Egyptology. Depart-ment of Mediterranean Studies. Univer-sity of the Aegean. Rhodes, Greece. kousoulis@rhodes.aegean.gr

    . () 33, 11257 . lazonga1@otenet.gr

    . lebentakis_nikos@yahoo

    Professor J. Alexander MacGillivray Palaikastro Excavations. British School at Athens. macgillivrayalexander@yahoo.com

    Dr. idem ManerKoc University. Department of Archae-ology and History of Art. Rumeli Feneri 34450 Sariyer. Istanbul Turkey CMANER@ku.edu.tr

    Dr. Isabelle MartelliPhD. University IULM Milan-Paris IV SorbonneItalia m_isa@katamail.com

    Dr. Mathias Mehofer Archaeometallurgy. VIAS - Vienna Insti-tute for Archaeological Science. Franz Klein-Gasse 1. A-1190 Wien mathias.mehofer@univie.ac.at

    . . 10, 71305, niki.ikon@gmail.com

    . . papadakichristina@gmail.com

    Professor Thanassis Papadopoulos Emeritus professor of Prehistoric Archaeology. University of Ioannina Themistokleous 69, .Psychiko, 154 51 Athens papadop7@gmail.com

    Dr. Laura-Concetta RizzottoAntikensammlung Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Bodestr. 1-3 D- 10178 lrizzo-tto@yahoo.it/rizzotto@athen.dainst.org

    . . . .. - 85 100 . serfani@aenaon.biz

    T . 4 GR - 302 00. .

    . . . . konha71@yahoo.gr

  • - C O N T E N T S. . 8

    N. Chr. Stampolidis Introductory note 9

    . 10

    Angeliki Giannikouri Greetings and Compliments 11

    - Abbreviations 12

    - The Earthly World

    Vassos Karageorghis Notes on Music and Dance in Cyprus: The Archaeological Record, from the Late Bronze Age to the Cypro-Archaic Period. 15

    Sabine Beckmann Resin nd Ritual Purification: Terebinth n Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age Cult 27

    Nicoletta Antognelli Michel Palms And Papyruses in the Late Minoan/Helladic III: The Exotic World, the Fantastic World and the Afterworld 41

    idem Maner A Comparative Study of Hittite and Mycenaean Fortification Architecture 53

    Giorgos Bourogiannis Rhodes, Cos and the White Painted Ware of Cyprus: Introduction to Contacts in the Early Iron Age 65


    . : ; 93

    Florentia Fragkopoulou Lakonia and Samos during the Early Iron Age: a Revised Look at the Messenian War Dates 101

    - The Celestial World

    Kostas Georgakopoulos A Note on a Hittite Bull-Leaping Scene and its Minoan Perspectives 111

    J. Alexander MacGillivray The Minoan Double Axe Goddess and Her Astral Realm 115

    Panagiotis Kousoulis Egyptian vs. Otherness and the Issue of Acculturation in the Egyptian Demonic Discourse of the Late Bronze Age 127

    Efthymios Lazongas Gates and Pillars of Heaven. The Architectural Structure of Cosmos in Greek, Egyptian and Near Eastern Tradition and Art 139

    . , , 153

    . M A: K 161

    Antonios Kotsonas Three Early, Limestone Sculptures from Gortyn and their Mediterranean Profile 177


  • - The Underworld

    Konstantinos Kopanias Paradise Lost. The Image of the Netherworld in the Near East 191


    Athanasia Kanta A Minoan Version of the Djed Pillar and Other Borrowed Ideas About the Afterlife in the Cretan Late Bronze Age 229

    Thanasis Papadopoulos - Litsa Kontorli-Papadopoulou Power, Troubles nd Death in Late Bronze Age Aegean nd Cyprus: the Evidence of Warrior-Graves and Painting 237

    - Reinhard Jung - Mathias Mehofer . 247

    Laura-Concetta Rizzotto Sptbronzezeitliche und Frheisenzeitliche Steinerne Sarkophage auf Kreta und auf Zypern 265

    . . 275

    Andrea Babbi , , ...Clay Human Figurines from Early Iron Age Italian Childrens Tombs and the Aegean Evidence 285


    Isabelle Martelli Women Go Further: Understanding the Handmade Globular Pyxis from Protogeometric Greece to Southern Italy 321

    - . . ; 335

    Antoine Hermary The Cypriot Kourotrophoi : Remarks on the Mother with Child Theme 341


  • I N T R O D U C T O R Y N O T E

    An arduous effort which we made in 1997 had two aspects: first a series of international conferences and symposia and second extensive archaeological exhibitions, both focusing on the relations developed between the peoples of the Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. The present International Archaeological Conference entitled Immortality; The Earthly, the Celestial and the Underworld in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze and the Early Iron Age is included among them.

    The Athanasia conference was preceded by: 1. The International Conference Eastern Mediterranean; Cyprus Dodecanese Crete, 16th-6th c. BC, 1997 Proceedings of which were published in English in 1998. 2. The International Conference PLOES - Sea Routes; Interconnections in the Mediterranean, 16th - 6th c. BC in 2002, whose Proceedings were published in English in 2003.

    In the interval from 1997 to 2003 the following great archaeological exhibitions with the same name as the above conferences took place. The first exhibition was in Heraklion, Crete in 1998. This exhibition was taken to Italy, to the Musei Capitolini of Rome in 2001, with the title Sulle Rotte di Omero. The second exhibition, Ploes, took place at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens in 2003. At the same time as the exhibitions detailed catalogues pertaining to them in Greek and English (1998), Italian (2001) and in Greek and English (2003) respectively, were published.

    Parallel to this overall investigation, a series of symposia on more specific topics began. Their aim was to cover gaps in various sectors of our knowledge. Thus, the International Symposium Cremation in the Bronze Age and Early Iron Age was held in 1999 and its proceedings were published 2001; also, The Aegean in the Early Iron Age took place in 2002 and its proceedings were released in 2004.

    In conclusion, the continuous effort to understand the relations of peoples, groups or individuals in the Ancient Mediterranean in an ideological frame, is focusing now on issues related to the Earthly, the Celestial and the Underworld aspects of culture. This focus, through discussion and papers hopefully will produce new knowledge and conclusions which will help move research one step further.

    Unfortunately, various problems concerning the collection of the papers, their corrections and other external causes, delayed the printing of the proceedings of this conference, three years after its realization. This is an unusual occurance for us in all our previous editions. We apologize for this and we hope that it will not be repeated in our future efforts.

    Warmest thanks are once again due to the Ministries of Culture and of Merchant Marine, Aegean and Island Policy, not only for their financial but also their moral support. The University of Crete is always willing to support similar initiatives and for this we offer our thanks. We are also grateful to the Institute of Aegean Archaeological Studies and its Director