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Issue 10 November 2010


  • Clear Out The Clutter

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    Mind, Body & SpiritThe o cial Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition Magazine Issue 10 November 2010

    Hilton Park Hotel, NicosiaSaturday: 11am - 8pmSunday: 11am - 7pm

    Entrance: 7 - includes ALL lectures & workshops


    Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition13th and 14th November 2010

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    Hilton Park Hotel, & 13 & 14 2010

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  • welcomeDear Friends....This years Nicosia Mind, Body and Spirit Exhibition has a very healing feeling to it! Many therapists are taking part and offering some very profound work on self development and healing the soul. Often, we dwell on the negative things in our life rather than being grateful for all the good things that we have. There are so many things to be happy about in our life, so many things to be grateful for and so many things that are positive.

    This issue of the magazine focuses on being positive and how to remove our negative beliefs. There are many different therapies that offer positive guidance at the exhibition as well as several articles in this issue including Theta Healing, SRT, The Enneagram and Phych-K to name a few. Look through these pages, then take the opportunity to meet some of the therapists and learn from their experience and knowledge. Take your time, explore the many participants offering therapy, products and services. Remember that there are many exhibitors upstairs in the Lefkothea Room as well as on the ground floor in the Corridor and Cypria A&B Room. Meet therapists, try a massage or sample a healing session, browse the tables selling books, health-foods, CDs and Feng Shui items. Enjoy your time reading this magazine, attending some of the many interesting lectures and workshops and just wandering around the exhibition and meeting like-minded people. Thanks to Irene for her technical help with this magazine and Thalia for the Greek transla-tions. We offer our gratitude to the participants who share their time and knowledge and to the visitors who continue to support the event and have sustained it since it began in 2002. With love and light,Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni co-ordinators MBS Expo

    For visitors whose first language is not English Visit www.CyprusSpirit.com and use the Goggle Translate button. The translation is not perfect but you can get an idea about the presentations and workshops on offer. Frontcover photograph of Mammas Margaritas taken by Anette Martinsen

    Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni Coordinators MB&S Exhibitions info@cyprusspirit.com www.cyprusspirit.comTel: 99-619049

    To advertise in the Mind, Body and Spirit Magazine contact Anette Martinsen on: anette@anettemartinsen.com

    Information correct at time of going to print. Please check www.cyprusspirit.com for any changes to the programme.

    The opinions of the participants in the MB&S Expo are not necessarily those of the organisers. As with all things, pay attention and observe if what you hear rings true for you. Use your intuition to find what is useful for you right now.

    Anette MartinsenEditor, designer and publisher

    Francesca PinoniWebsite

    We care about the environment.Please recycle this magazine.


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    Anette Martinsen & Francesca Pinoni Mind, Body & Spirit.

    Author of A Recipe for Health




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    Tel: 99-619049

    Anette MartinsenFood Intolerance Test

    Dietry advice, recipes without dairy, wheat and sugar. Help for

    Dyspraxia, ADHD, intolerances and


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  • contents6


    Theatro TransendentalAnette Martinsen chats to Korina and HeleniQ

    Table Plan - where to find the exhibitors within the exhitibion halls

    9 List of exhibitors - by table numbers

    12 PSYCH-K - Neophytos Efstathiou

    16 Healing Naturally from multiple sclerosisHelen Christodoulou

    18 What type are you? What is your point of balance?. Helene Makani

    20 Developing your intuitition and activating your third eye - Maggie Erotokritou.

    22 How negative beliefs and programs are created and the role of SRT in healing them - Xenia Ioannidou

    26 Lecture schedule - an easy way to see all the presentations

    30 Presentations: Full details of the Talks and workshops



    Pepperkake/Norwegian Spice BiscuitsAnette Martinsen

    Near Death Experience - Barbara Jones

    Weaving the Rainbow - Olivia Zachariades

    Boo...WAKE UP!Ahqulieah Kohav Luthienne AKA Louise Langley

    51 Garlic - Anette Martinsen



    theatro transendental

    Spice Biscuits




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  • Qwhat inspired you to make this show?A ctually what inspired me are the di f ferent women in my l i fe . The play i s about women and i t i s about d i f ferent women who have every thing they need to be happy but are not .

    QSo the play is about searching and using the tools that we have?AIts a woman and her soul and in the play she is trying to find her soul, which is there all the time talking in sounds to her and then at the end she finds it.

    Korrina performs in the play as the woman searching for her soul and HeleniQ is the soul and plays all the sounds of the soul using drums and vibrations. Korina wrote the original script and contacted HeleniQ to bring the production into a place of depth with music in a very specific way to create and symbolise this inner journey.

    Theatro Transcendental offers a fresh yet concurrently ancient technique, in which theatre as an art form is used in order to educate and alter human consciousness. When theatre was in its prime, the power of the image, the influence of the live representation on stage, the authority of the sound and the symbolic connotations behind all of this, were considered highly significant transformational

    methods; methods which are now undermined and forgotten. Theatro Transcendental seeks to awaken these tools, reinforcing them with modern means of expression and creativity. Theatro Transcendental, through the use of sound, rhythm, movement and visual imagery, aims to awaken ancient memories, to reveal to the viewers things which they have collectively forgotten.

    The room of unlimited posssibilities...Anette Martinsen caught up with Korina Kontaxaki &HeleniQ Argyrou from the show to find out more

    Theatro Transcendental ()


    We use words, our soul uses sounds

    Theatro Tran

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  • Korina is a professional actress, a yoga teacher and teaches yoga philosophy and she was looking for a away to mix and merge all of them together. HeleniQ is a Clinical psychologist, sound therapist and drummer with a special interest in elevating consciousness with rhythm, psychospiritual techniques and creative tools.

    QHow will people get a taste at the exhibition?A At the workshop and the exhibition we will be focusing on a conflict that some of us have, how to be happy and to be truly happy, what is happiness really, and is there some wisdom that we gather in life. We will be looking at the keys for life.

    Room of Unlimited PossibilitiesPerformances:8th November 9.00pm, Melina Mercouri, Nicosia (Greek)19th November 9.00pm, Studio 8, Limassol (Greek)8th December 9.00pm, Melina Mercouri, Nicosia (English)10th December 9.00pm, Studio 8, Limassol (English)

    Tel: 96384954 Email: artforchange@cytanet.com.cyWebsite: www.theatrotranscendental.com

    - Dionysus 17.00-18.00


    Theatro Transcendental A Part of

    The Room of Unlimited Possibilities

    In English 16:00-17:00In Greek 17:00-18:00

    Saturday 13th NovemberDyonisus


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  • exhibitorsTable
























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