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    Career-long fight against cancer | Too blessed to be



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    01 Two TripsSeptember 19 21

    Manfred Honeck, conductor

    Valentina Lisitsa, piano

    Bates: Rusty Air in Carolina (Pittsburgh Symphony Premiere)

    Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody ona Theme of Paganini, Opus 43

    Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique,Opus 14

    02 A Night in SpainOctober 10 12

    Omer Meir Wellber, conductor (Debut)

    Pablo Sinz Villegas, guitar (Debut)

    Debussy: Petite suite

    Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez for Guitar and Orchestra

    Tchaikovsky: Manfred Symphony,Opus 58

    03 Divine TravelOctober 24 & 26

    Yan Pascal Tortelier, conductor

    Lorna McGhee, ute

    Grieg: Excerpts from Peer Gynt,Opus 46 and Opus 55

    Nielsen: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

    Sibelius: Symphony No. 5in E- at major, Opus 82

    04The Isle of the DeadOctober 31 November 2

    Juraj Valcuha, conductor

    Nicola Benedetti, violin

    Rachmaninoff: The Isle of the Dead,Opus 29

    Szymanowski: Concerto No. 1 for Violin and Orchestra, Opus 35 (Pittsburgh Symphony Premiere)

    Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 3 in A minor, Opus 44

    05Thanksgiving with Igudesman and JooNovember 28 & 30

    Manfred Honeck,conductor

    Aleksey Igudesman, violin (Debut)

    Hyung-ki Joo, piano (Debut)

    Melding prodigious musicaltalent with comedy, Igudesmanand Joo expand their duo showto a full orchestra presentationfeaturing uproarious sketchesand stunning solos.


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  • 4 Pittsburgh Catholic Magazine Healthy Spirit, Mind & Body 2014


    To Blessed to be stressed are words my neighbor wrote in little pebbles across his yard. Every year he changes the words, which always relate to God and faith. I was personally affected by his words this year because it offers a chance to remember the blessings in life that can be forgotten when life gets too rushed and stressed. Listed among the top medical conditions

    in the United States is stress. Although stress alone cannot cause a condition, it is a major contributor to worsening many health conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, asthma, auto immune conditions and just about any ailment. In addition, it causes severe depression, memory problems, insomnia and much more. News continually report on study results

    indicating stress is on the rise in todays society. A recent Carnegie Mellon University study showed that stress increased 10-30 percent in all demographic categories during the last three decades. Doctors suggest things to combat stress,

    including, rest, eating healthy and exercise. One remedy medical experts dont always

    mention is counting our blessings and learning to appreciate them. Family and friends. Psychologists and even

    medical doctors will tell you that a support system is as important as medicine in helping cope with mental and physical ailments. Although family and friends can contribute to stress, they are also a blessing from God. Feeling loved is important to mental well-

    being and gives one confidence. Maybe God blesses you with a supporting spouse, a parent, a child or your best friend forever (bff). It is important to have a go to person to help one cope. Also, they bring laughs and great memories that can aid us in our stressed-filled days. Times with family and friends can bring us more joy than money, a vacation or a piece of jewelry. Remember to thank God for the gift of them in your life because they are not only a support system, they show us unconditional love. Home. The size of our house or the worth

    of its furnishings are not what makes a home a

    blessing. It is having a roof over your head and a place to relax, enjoying the company of loved ones and finding comfort. It is a place of happy memories and significant events, like where your child took their first steps or a holiday celebration. A home is a blessing in which, when you arrive there, should give comfort and peace. Nature. Mother Nature can be a cause of

    stress in our lives, for example, the 2014 bitterly cold winter. Yet, the gift of this beautiful earth God has given us can offer more blessings than stress. A sunny day can brighten our mood and make us feel better than any pill. You can look to the beauty of newly fallen snow and the silence it brings to find moments of peace. We encounter so many noises in one day,

    traffic, voices, music and more, that sometimes it is calming to hear just the sounds of nature, like the birds chirping or water from a nearby stream. A great stress reliever is a walk outside to take in the beauty of the trees and flowers God has gifted to us. It is good to sometimes stop and smell the roses. Faith. A powerful blessing in life

    is our faith. We can find comfort in Jesus, whom God sent to us. Prayer is another blessing. We can find comfort

    in the meditative rosary or other forms of prayer. Also, the prayers of others can comfort us. Reading the Bible is a blessing that can help us slow down and take time to think. The blessing of a parish family is another faith-based blessing. Having friends and a community to worship cannot only give us support, but give us a place of hospitality and sense of friendship. I am grateful to my neighbor for reminding

    me to take time to count the blessings in my life. Every day while driving past the house I think of one blessing and say a prayer of gratitude to God. Maybe it is time spent with a niece or nephew, a laugh with a friend, a meal shared with my mother, the birthday celebration with my sisters, or just another day to be alive. Stress can come easy for me, but now

    I constantly remember those words, too blessed to be stressed

    Zezza is circulation manager, parish news coordinator at Pittsburgh Catholic Publishing Associates.

    A Forest Hills resident inspired this article with his front yard design (shown above). Blessings can include home, nature and family (which is shown to the right featuring the author, left, and her four siblings.

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