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Meditech annual Competency. Clinical review. Clinical review gives quick access to current data on the patients current visit. From the Status Board, clicking the Review button launches Clinical Review . . Clinical review pt summary. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Clinical reviewMeditechannual Competency

Meditech Annual Competency1Clinical reviewgives quick access to current data on the patients current visit

From the Status Board, clicking the Review button launches Clinical Review. Meditech Annual Competency2Clinical reviewpt summary

Pt Summary shows general information on your patient.

Clicking the +/- sign will expand or collapse the information in that section.Meditech Annual Competency3

Clinical reviewpt summary

Physicians frequently look for the list of their patients home medications.

Those appear on this screen under the Medications heading.Meditech Annual Competency

4Clinical reviewspecial panel

Special Panel gives access to panels that Meditech has built to cover provider specialties.

Resulted labs will be available to view in these panels.

Click on the title of the panel to view it.

After viewing a panel use the Back button to return to this screen.

Meditech Annual Competency5Clinical reviewDaily reviewMeditech Annual Competency

Daily Review is the default start screen to show the latest patient data from the past 24 hours. Recent VS, lab results, and reports can be viewed here. 6Clinical reviewOrder historyMeditech Annual Competency

Order History shows details on all orders that have been placed on your patient.

For more detailed information, click the gray box in front of each order.7Clinical reviewI & o

Meditech Annual CompetencyThe total on the 24 hour tab goes from 0700 to 0700. So if you see tomorrows date with 0700 time, that means all the entries after 0700 today will go in that column.

Click 12 Hours or other times to view data in different time ranges.Notice the 24 Hour tab is highlighted blue Jan. 14 0700 (start time) to Jan. 15 0700(end time) All entries currently under this column were entered after 0700 on Jan. 14 (the beginning of the 24 hour period)8Clinical reviewlab

LAB shows recent lab results. Lifetime Summary will show labs from November 2009 to present.

Data prior to 2009 is available in PCI (PCI tab at bottom of screen)Meditech Annual Competency9Clinical reviewMedicationsThe Medications tab will show what medications have been ordered and administered during this hospitalization.

Clicking on the gray area under Last Admin/Dose Admin heading will allow the user to view a chronological list of the time of administration and dose administered.

This is a great way for users to review the frequency and doses of prn medications for pain and nausea.

Meditech Annual Competency

10Clinical reviewImagingThe Imaging tab allows the user to view information about imaging studies.

Clicking on the gray area under the Date/Time heading will allow the user to view the report of the study.

Clicking on the gray area under the Img heading (if there is a Y in that query) will launch Stentor and the user will be able to view the image.

Meditech Annual Competency

11Clinical reviewother reportsThe Other Reports lets users view physician Progress notes, History & Physical, and Consults.

You may choose to view these for the current visit or the lifetime summary.Meditech Annual Competency

12Clinical reviewAssessments

Assessments will show nursing documentation. This lists the assessments that have been completed on the patient. To view an assessment click on the date and time in the left column. When viewing the assessment answered queries will appear in blue. Meditech Annual Competency13Clinical reviewother visits

Other Visits allows access to data from previous visits to our facility.

Click the visit (gray box) for the date of visit you wish to view. Then click Selected at the top of the screen

Click PCI tab at bottom to view info from any hospital visit, current or previous.

Meditech Annual Competency

14Clinical reviewHow to View Bedside Blood Glucose Results in Clinical Review

Starting on the Status Board, select your patients name and click on .

This screen will launch.

Click on Special Panel.

This screen will launch.

Click on the Endocrine tab and then the Diabetic tab.

Meditech Annual Competency

15Clinical reviewHow to View Bedside Blood Glucose Results in Clinical Review

This screen will launch.

Generally, an 8-hour view is adequate.

You will see the most recent result within the time period on the column heading.

If you click on the (+) next to that result, you will be able to view a chronological list of all the blood sugars within that time period.

Click over gray heading Bedside Blood Glucose to view all point of care glucose results since admission.

Meditech Annual Competency