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<ul><li><p>FROM THE ACADEMYPeople &amp; Events</p><p>ACADEMY CALENDAR</p><p>2014 Food &amp; NutritionConference &amp; ExpoOctober 18-21, 2014</p><p>EDUCATIONALOPPORTUNITIES</p><p>E-Learning Module on Vitamin DThe alarming increase in vitamin D</p><p>Obituary</p><p>profession admirably by melding herbackground in arta BFA from theUniversity of Michigan in 1976 withsciencea BS in Dietetics from theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago in1980. She later completed an MS 2014 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. JAtlanta, GA</p><p>2015 Food &amp; NutritionConference &amp; ExpoOctober 3-6, 2015Nashville, TN</p><p>Tell Us Your Issue . . .We care about the concerns ofAcademy members and want to hearfrom you. There are four easy ways tosubmit your issues: E-mail Fax 312/899-4790. Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000. Contact your delegateYou will receive immediateconrmation that your message hasbeen received and action will be takenwithin2months. Formore information,visit the Academys member homepage and click on Member Issues orvisit</p><p>Deadline for submitting material forthe People &amp; Events section is therst of the month, 3 months beforethe date of the issue (eg, May 1 forthe August issue). Publication of aneducational event is not anendorsement by the Academy of theevent or sponsor. Send material to:Ryan Baechler, Editor, Journal of theAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics,120 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606;; 312/899-0040, ext. 4829; or fax,312/899-4790.Former Academy Staffer CorinneBronson-Adatto Dies</p><p>Corinne Bronson-Adatto, MS, RD,LDN, FADA, FAND, passed awayFebruary 5, 2014, at age 59. She wasa member of the Academy of Nutri-tion and Dietetics for the past 34years. Bronson-Adatto served theinsufciency in the United States hasironically coincided with an increasingrecognition that vitamin D likely has abroader contribution to the protectionof health and prevention of diseasethan previously appreciated. This in-teractive self-study session will putinto perspective the rapid decline invitamin D status in the United States;the implications of vitamin D insuf-ciency on skeletal, inammatory, andmetabolic health among the popula-tion; and practical guidelines for how toget vitamin D from diet, sun exposure,and supplements. Eligible for 1.5 hoursof level 2 CPE credit. Available fordownload at</p><p>ABOUT PEOPLEOURNAL OF THE ACADdegree in Human Services Adminis-tration from Spertus College in Chi-cago in 1986.As a student volunteer she wrote and</p><p>designed newsletters for the ChicagoDietetic Association and then built onthose skills in her positions at theAmerican Dietetic Association. Asnutrition resources administrator shewas in charge of National NutritionMonth Campaigns as well as directingnational task forces on Cholesterol,Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation, andWomens Nutrition. She was the keystaff person on the rst two USA TodayNutrition Hotlines and helped selectand train Academy spokespeople. Shewas instrumental in the developmentof the American Diabetes Association/American Dietetic Association FamilyCookbook, Volume III, and wrotenumerous nutrition consumer educa-tion brochures.Moving on to the American Dental</p><p>Association as their consumer affairsmanager, Bronson-Adatto followedthrough with providing updated nutri-tion and dental health information andcoordinated their National ChildrensDental HealthMonth campaign. She thenbecame a nutrition consultant at High-land Park Pediatric Associates, whereshe provided nutrition education forpatients and their families for the past24 years.Bronson-Adatto was Recognized</p><p>Young Dietitian of the Year in 1985,served as President of Chicago DieteticAssociation in 1988-1989, and becamea Fellow of the American Dietetic As-sociation in 1996.EMY OF NUTRITION AND DIETETICS 811</p><p>May 2014 People &amp; EventsEducational OpportunitiesE-Learning Module on Vitamin D</p><p>About PeopleObituary</p></li></ul>